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Promises To You

by NegativeZero

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If we never knew each other,...

If we never knew each other,
We could have not been friends,
But now that your gone,
I often wonder what could have been.

We could have been partners,
In every game that we play,
And tell each other secrets,
And go out everyday.

But now that you're gone,
I feel like I've lost something more,
To have one truely good friend,
Means to lose so much more.

I didnt care about anything else,
You were the only thing that mattered,
But now that you're gone,
Mai hearts begun to shatter.

I miss you mai friend,
To remember all that we've shared,
When I go up to heaven,
Promise to be waiting for me there.

Author's Note: Dedicated to Mai Cuz and her lost friend. May heaven grant him eternal happiness but it is only when the person who loves him most, finds him again and he will be eternally happy.

© 2003 TimZ

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