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by TennisPirate

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Something else I found while digging through Middle School crap. It actually made me laugh... but then again, I wrote it... T.T;; A play in one act. Enjoy! ^_^


Act I

Scene 1: A Road

Carrie enters. She goes toward the road, and starts across. A car is driving along the road, and it goes fast towards Carrie. She is frozen in place as she watches the car. Suddenly, Jane enters, flies at Carrie, and knocks her out of the way just in time.

Jane: Watch out!
Carrie: Thanks, you saved me!
Jane: Oh, it was nothing. Just be more careful, okay?
Carrie: No, no really! That was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me in my life! I could have DIED!
Jane: Well, I donít know about that . . . .
Carrie: Oh, youíre so modest! Iíll make it up to you, I promise!
Jane: No, no, thereís no need toó

Carrie rushes offstage. Jane sighs and walks off the other way.

Scene 2: A Field

Jane enters walking across stage. Suddenly, Carrie rushes onstage.

Carrie: Look out!

Carrie jumps at Jane, knocking her to the ground.

Jane: What was that for?
Carrie: You almost ran into that tree!
Jane: What tree?
Carrie: That one, over there!
Jane: That one? Itís twenty feet away!
Carrie: I canít take any chances. You saved my life, you know. I owe you everything, and I have to make it up to you!
Jane: Well, Iím sure you can find some other way than knocking me to the ground every time you see a tree.
Carrie: No, no, I insist! I have to guard you with my life!
Jane: Well, you could wait for a more life-threatening situation, likeó
Carrie: That WAS life-threatening! If you had run into that tree, you could have gotten a concussion, fallen into a coma, and died! Itís a lethal object!
Jane: Iím sure I wouldnít have gotten more than a small bruise.
Carrie: Youíre too careless! You have to watch out for yourself! Iím making it my personal duty to make sure you are safe and sound at all times!
Jane: Oh, no . . . .

Scene 3: Street

Man enters. Jane enters, closely followed by Carrie.

Carrie: Watch out for that rock!

Carrie pushes Jane aside.

Carrie: Watch out for that bush!

Carrie pushes Jane back the other way.

Carrie: Watch out for that tree root! Watch out for that mole hill! Watch out for that trash can! Watch out for that mailbox! Watch out for that man!

Carrie pushes Jane back and forth. Jane stops and grabs Carrieís shoulders.

Jane: Thatís it! Iíve had enough of this! Youíve been following me around for a week now, pushing me out of the way of ďlethal objectsĒ that arenít even ten feet away! I know youíre trying to save my life or whatever, but, jeez, why donít you just back off?

Carrie runs offstage, crying.

Jane: Sheesh!

She storms off the other way, trips, and falls.

~< The End >~


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