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The story of Buttons and Bows

by vampericmaiden

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this goes with the piece of art titled "buttons and bows" thay are charicters I made for a comic I'll probably never get around to making. it's in the style of a childrens ryme because there children who will never grow up, wether by choys or otherwise... oh and for any spelling errors, I'm sorry... none of the programs on my computer have Spell Check.

Little Black Bows and little Black Bottons

wen't for a walk one day

"Little Black Bottons", sayd Little Black Bows

"go find me a patch of gray"

so Little Black Bows, she sat and she waited

as Little Black Bottons went away

she sat, and she sat,

and she sat, and she sat,

but he didn't come back for a year and a day

so homewerd she went

all alone and depresed

when an angel frome heaven did fall on her breast

so Little Black Bottons

did the best that she could

to fend of the blows of miss Little white Bows

for thare enemeys, yes?

as the Bible dose show

then she fell on her knees with a sob and a cry

whitch startald miss White

and she didn't know why

but closer the little white angel did creep

and asked her the question

"but why do you weep?"

so little black bows screemed out from a sob

"I've Lost my dear Buttons,

he's left and he's gone.

I'm alone" she did cry "and my meaning is gone."

so then she did stop

and a silence did fall

over both Little Black and White Bows, over all

then little White Bows broke the silence and sayd

"I will stay with you darkling

till eternitys end

for the pain you do feel rips a seem in my heart

and to leave you like this

is against my true sole"

so Black Bows looked up from her tears

and she said

"how can I trust you, oh, dauter of light"

"by this ofering"

did anser miss Little White

and at this blind momen a blood oath was made

which fell little whites sole

from hevens pure grace

a weak and a day from this moment in time

sir Little Black Bottons

came home from his hike

so finding his place had ben filled by another

he fled to the woods

full of tears and a shudder

he cryed as he sat

and an angel came down from above in a flash

"I" sayd the angel

"am Little White Buttons,

and I know your pain for I lost my love to

when she felt the pain

of your love loosing you

but allas" he did say" I can offer you this"

and he held out his hand

to the demon, his foe

and sir Black Bows did take it so Heven he knows.

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