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Random Word Poetry Writing

by BamboozledByAnime

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An assignment that was given back in my creative writing class, we were instructed to select 10 random words from a newspaper, and cut them out, but making sure we had a mixture of adjectives and nouns and what not. Once we had done that, we then dropped our words into a baggie and shook it around, then pulled 5 random words out. From those words, we then had to come up with either a short story, or a poem, these were my 10 words I cut out: Special,computer,mistake,fire,event,ordinary,historic,fluids,vows,and title. Of those words, I chose to use: Ordinary,title,mistake,fire,and fluid, to form a writing idea. Once I had done that, I had to sit and think a minute for how I wanted to properly put them in what I was going to write lol. So enjoy this little story, perhaps it will somewhat remind you of another story by a famous poet.

It was an ORDINARY evening when suddenly there was a knock at the

door. When I opened it, I found nothing but a packaged box with the

TITLE: Your Box of Happiness. I Thought to myself, "Surely this is a

MISTAKE, a gag of some sort" I took the package and laid it upon the

table and sat back down in front of the warm FIRE. No sooner had I sat

down, then I heard a muffled voice say, "Please open up, it's so dark

and lonely in here" Whatever it was, I felt sorry for it, so I of course

opened the packaged box. As I did so, a gree FLUID-like creature

spilled out of it and onto the table with a splash. The green thing

popped up and two bluish colored eyes stared up into my own and the

creature said, "Thankyou master, I was wondering when you would

open up." The little thing was so cute and adorable that I couldn't help

but be happy, for it would seem this creature would be my pet and

friend in this somber house of mine.

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