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The Day I saw A Dragon

by BamboozledByAnime

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Ah, this was much fun for me to do, something I wrote in my own free time, then brought into my creative writing class to use as an project. I love dragons, so I it was only fit I finally did something as a sort of homage to them. This writing was submitted into the Cecil County litterary magazine along with other's artworks when it was finished =) So I'm submitting the magazine submitted version which had been edited too so it would fit, insteadof my original version, which is just a little longer.

My eyes widened as they spied a black dot flying in the sky directly in front of me. It looked vaguely familiar; it couldn't possibly be what I thought it was! Soon the image of th black dot began to take the form of a great creature that I had only heard of as a young lad. This image was all too clearly a magnificent dragon.

As it passed over me, I was frozen in time, able to see in full detail what the fantastic creature actually looked like. I soon realized that this dragon wasn't just any dragon, but a beautifully colored golden dragon~~a female and a queen. Her glowing scales shimmered in the sunlight! They were so clean and sharp, you could practically see your reflection in them. Her talons gleamed like pearls of white and were as sharp as perfectly cut diamonds. The wings...what a tremendous sight! They were so big above me, I had to turn my head fully left and fully right just to see the whole of them!

Once she was in front of me, I could see her long lizard-like tale swishing back and forth through the air. Then to my surprise, the dragon looked back and stared into my eyes, I was so transfixed, it was almost hypnotic. I felt as though she was looking into my soul, examining who I was deep inside, in that one instant. Once finished, she averted her eyes and looked foward.

Suddenly the dragonstartled me as she beat her wings hard and fast and shot straight up like a dart. She glided through the air on her back, did a back flip, and went barreling foward. I felt like I was flying myself as I watched her in awe. The great queen went flying out of my sight, and I thought that it was no wonder dragons are among the greatest dreams and fantasies of children and adults. You have to experience the thrill and wonder of seeing one for yourself in order to know how majestic they truley are.

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