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My Angel

by tainted shadow

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Ok, a happy poem for once! Lol, yeah! I actually can right uplifting stuff too! this is one of those poems that * I wish I had a person like this* so it just kinda floated into my head. This poem is actually REALLY old, like two years old… but here it is because it’s one of my personal favorites ^_^

My angel  

Have you ever seen the way
the light ketches in your eyes?
I know you always see
the coloring in mine

you looked up into nothingness
a plastered piece of pain
erased the sorrow holding it
and took apart the shame

I never knew my folly
Or the counter part within
Until I met you that day
Washing out my sins

You made it go away some how
Ripping up my tears
And giving me a warmth inside
To dry up all my fears

I thank you to this very day
You make me feel no shame
For saying that I love you so
And that it will never end.  

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