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by Brethesen

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Some personal feelings, not a big deal... Really. :D

White veil of ice and snow,
Covers the forest,
Naked from leaf's,
Through window of my car,
I can see the last ray's of the sun,
As it beautifully set's in to the horizon,
Letting this Northern country to fall into darkness of the winter.

Billions of ice shards senerly shine in the light,
And the land is white from frost,
Beauty of Mother Earth,
As she is in Her wedding dress,
In the light of a setting sun,
In the shine of a thousand ray's,
That glimmer from the small ice shards.

The undying land,
Of forest's beauty in the cold winter day,
Of stream's senerity,
As it endlessly continue to flow,
Of white snow,
As it reflect's of purity,
Of innocense.

Inside a metal cage,
Of human design i am,
Looking at the wonders of nature,
As i'm moving on a road,
That makes Mother Earth ugly,
As the hundred's of horsepowers roar in the holy sight.

I turn the heat down,
Close the cd player,
And listen to the sound of my car,
As the white innocent sight pass by,
And is replaced with a new scenery.

The tranquilty of the land's of our ancestors,
The ground paid with blood,
With tears,
Blashemers landed on our shores,
So long ago,
Yet this land will never belong to any human,
Unchained will the force of nature be,
Stupidity of humans,
As we rape,
And murder the Sacred Ground.

But soon we shall pay,
The divine right to genocide,
When the Mother Earth will turn restless,
And She will raise Her caring hand against the diseace,
That plague Her,
And She will shake the very foundations of our non-existence might.

The end is near,
Of mankind...

Dim the light,
Of mankind...

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