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Gone In A Heartbeat

by NegativeZero

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I heard a lot about you, / But I knoe it isnt true,...

I heard a lot about you,
But I knoe it isnt true,
Because the day that I first met you,
Was the day I fell in love you,
You showed me wat it means to love,
We must care and love one another,
And after that day I first met you,
I knew there could be no other,

And then I woke up one mornin,
To find you were not there,
You disappeared into the night,
As if you didnt care,
Upon you pillow was a letter,
There were no traces of goodbye,
It just said, "Never ever forget me."
And tears started fallin from mai eyes.

I ran to follow your footsteps,
Only the echo of you remains,
I found an angel and now shes gone,
And the love you once left me with is just pain.

© 2003 TimZ

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