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Our Element: Torment

by bloodysmurf

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Another poem made during class. That classroom must get the ideas going or something...I do believe its dark.

Scratching on the walls
Trying to make amends

Our hearts aren't invincible
Our souls chained and gagged

Our freedom is taken
Blown away like a leaf in the wind

Our worries are overflowing
Were drowning in our sins

The pain is unbearable
Yet we calmly take each blow in

We're choking on the very life that flows
through our veins
Praising Death itself

For letting us fly high
For stealing away our breath

Hope is but a transient dream
This life a morbid nightmare

Despair clings to us like skin
Our future gone up in smoke
While we rot in the flame

Our eyes are telling horror stories
Of our misery

Sincerity is nothing
But a cloud floating by

Our life is ruled by rulers
Of another kind

Light drains us empty
Darkness fills us whole

The roles we play are fleeting
Melting like the pristine snow

Torment is our essence
Will this ever end?

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