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Summary of Unico!

by aftermathgirl

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This isnt really a story...hmm, its really just a summary of the movie that i would like to share with all. Hope you like my summary:)



In a far away forest, a mother unicorn just gave birth to baby unicorns. But there was one out of all of them that was special...his name, was Unico.

He was Magical, and everywhere he went, he would bring happiness and peace to all.

The little fellow named Unico
As cute as cute can be,
An innocent boy was Unico
So happy and so carefree
What heaven
Life as sweet as nature could have planned,
What strange gift do you hold in your hand?
Is it true?
That wherever you may go,
Oh, Unico
Across the land all fighting will cease
And night will turn to day
All tears will simply disappear
And the world will say
We love you
Oh, Unico
We love you

song from Unico

As some time goes past little Unico has some haters. The Gods destest Unico with all their might that they decide to send the "West Wind" to take Unico away and abandon him on the Hill of Oblivian. "West Wind" could not do it, so she left him on the "Island of Solitude". Where little Unico meets a friend named Beezle. Although they only became friends after Unico had destroyed Beezles Father (The Devil of Solitude).

Beezle has never had a friend before so he doesnt want Unico around.

Lonely all my life
I’ve been ‘lone for all my life
But not until today did I know
You’ve set me free
And you have made me see,
That I don’t have to live,
With a cloud over me

You want to be my friend
And I’ve never had a friend
You’re the first whoever stretched
His hand out to me

But something deep inside
Makes me wanna run and hide
Guess I’m just the kind who can’t comply
Though I try
There’s a part of me that’s saying no
Telling me to let you go

song from Unico

The Gods found Unico bringing happiness to the Island of Solitude and decide to send the "Night Wind" instead...As the Night Wind begins her search West Wind goes and saves Unico and takes him somewhere else...

Thats where Unico finds "Katie the cat", the cat that wants to be a witch..and a human girl. They end up becoming friends, and Unico Converts Katie into a human girl.

Something very frighting happens at the end, but also so very beutiful. But im not going to spoil it for you.

All you have to do is go watch the Movie: "The Fantastic Adventures of Unico"

The end

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