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Join the dots

by Clandestine Princess

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Criptic-expose her devises


Ana and Mia sat hand in hand upon the ground. The autumn wrapped around them. The cascading golden veil fell around them. They clutched each other tightly. They had grew so close over the years. They complimented each other perfectly. Ana, the definition of will power, she had overcame every morsel, every grain. She still had far to go, she would never be content. Always striving. Never satisfied. I could never be like her. I was never that strong. Then there was Mia, my beautiful Mia, she was the definition of perfection. Until I saw through her eyes. Until I felt indulgence like she did. She disgusts me now. The two girls were joined by SkIe, as beautiful as the horizon she was named after, I shall love her always. My love of always. She shall never be far from me. The girls sat upon the ground until they withered away with Winter, Ana and Mia my beautiful lovers, just figments of my imagination now. My darling SkIe, is eternal. I am hers always.

Expose her devises

The girl in the mirror, she'll sing you her song

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