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Scar tissue

by ArkillianDragon

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This is another excerpt from my soon to be novel 'Dragon Twins', about this scar that I've just desided to slap on Bryan's chest. I explain it beter in the excerpt so do read it, but its another excerpt of Bryan explaining aspects in his childhood- his battle to find the strength in himself to continue in a world of war when he can't protect everyone he cares about. Oh- and Alex is being himself- AGAIN XD I love it- he is such a moron sometimes ^^

“That looks really hot, Alex. You sure we’re not going to get burnt?” Julia asked, peering into the small hot spring at the base of Dagger falls. The water, despite its clarity, was stained a permanent brick colour from the surrounding rocks and minerals. Bubbles of a mysterious gas fizzled to the surface, making Julia’s expression grow even more limp looking. “It looks caustic. I think even you would feel that kind of burn.”

“Lets try it out then,” Alex grinned, poking his finger into the water. Julia’s face flashed white, diving to Alex’s side. Grabbing Alex’s hand and yanking it out of the water, Alex released a loud laugh as Julia found his finger still intact. Giving Alex a strong slap in the face, Julia threw his hand away from herself.

“You jerk. Why didn’t you put a branch in there first?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Alex laughed, rubbing his cheek in offence. “Bryan has been down there hunting around for any surprises for the last ten minutes. He hasn’t dissolved or anything. Apparently there is oxygen rocks at the bottom, which explode every now and then from the thermal activity around here. I wouldn’t drink it, but the water is perfectly fine.”

“Brilliant. I have no problems with doing this then,” Julia replied, shoving Alex into the dubious pool. Alex yelped in surprise as he fell in, with Julia bursting into a storm of giggles. Julia smiled in accomplishment as she watched Alex’s sinking body, waiting for him to swim back to the top again for her to laugh at him. Alex looked up through the water as if to start swimming to the top, but instead was jerked into the darkness in the water. Julia froze. “Al… ex?”

“What’s going on here?” Athena’s voice asked from behind. Julia jumped in surprise as Athena bent down beside herself and looked into the water. “Bryan has just told me that there isn’t anything dangerous in these waters. What was all the commotion about? I could’ve sworn I heard our ‘knight in shinning armor’ being himself again.” Julia burst into tears immediately.

“I… I pushed him in the water… and… he got sucked into the water… and…”

Belly flop!”  Athena’s eyes widened in start, as Alex suddenly tackled the screaming Julia into the waterhole. Saturating Athena in a hot, but not quite burning shower of water, she instinctively clenched her fist as if to pound Alex as soon as he got out of the water. A hand clamped over hers- Bryan’s stern look halting Athena in mid rant.

“We all should move to the other water hole for a swim. The water is a nicer temperature, and we’ll be able to touch the bottom there.” Bryan leant past Athena, and grabbed the distressed red head by her wrist, dragging her to the surface. Giving Athena quick smile, he added, “You can inflict pain on Alex for ‘being himself later’.” Athena ignored Bryan’s tease, helping yank Julia to the shore. Alex’s head popped above the surface of the water after Julia, bursting out with laughter.

“Oh, you should’ve seen your face Jules! You…” Alex ‘s eyes opened to a saturated Athena, glaring at him with her vivid blue eyes. Alex stopped in mid sentence, giving her a bashful grin. “Ah, I got the Amazon with the water too, huh? I’m not having great luck with the girls today!”

“Hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you against it,” Bryan shrugged from beside Athena, “You should try not destroying everything sometime.”

“Easy for you to sa…” Glancing towards Bryan’s voice, Alex froze in surprise- he had never noticed before now, a large, and deep looking scar most of the way across Bryan’s bare chest. It hadn’t happened recently either- this scar looked like it had been there for a long time. Maybe since he was a boy.

Bryan’s eyes noticed Alex’s questionable look, returning the favor as if to ask what the matter was. Alex grinned, taking his eyes off the wound in respect. “That’s an impressive gash you’ve got there, Bryan.” Bryan’s eyebrows rose, glancing quickly down to his own chest and back to Alex. His face saddened.

“Yeah, there are some wounds that can not be healed.” Bryan breathed, resting his hand at the top of his gash, “it happened when I was about 5. I tried to kill myself.”

“You what?” Athena and Julia questioned in unison. Glancing at each other with a quick smile, Julia motioned Athena to finish off first. Athena nodded in appreciation, turning to Bryan.

“You were a rich boy with everything! Why would you want to end you life in such a drastic way? What could make a 5 year old to wish to die?”

“My Grandfather,” Bryan breathed, giving Julia a grateful look as she crawled over to him and went to rub his back. Julia’s eyes flashed wider as she touched Bryan’s back.

“What did you cut yourself with? The wound is across your back too!”

“A sword, obviously,” Alex butt in, narrowing his eyes at Bryan analytically, “You forced a sword into your heart, but somehow survived?”

“You saved me,” Bryan smiled, relaxing a little from Julia rubbing his back, “You saw me pick up the sword and point it at myself. You grabbed me just as I went to drive the sword into me, and healed me as I pushed it into both of us.” Giving Julia a nod in thanks, Bryan crawled over to his future father, knelling in front of him, “The High King, my grandfather, he hated me. He made every moment I was alive feel worthless. When you told us of Drakobitus’s plans to destroy the castle, and kill all of our people, it broke me. I was too young to hear it, even at the age of five; I had only just started training. It has always been unnaturally easy for me to adapt my air powers to any given situation- I couldn’t get enough of the praise you use to give me of it. You always had such a high standard of things. It was my fighting skills that were my downfall for my confidence in a fight. I’d use every excuse not to practice in hope that you’d never take me into the heart of a battle. It was one thing to use my powers to stop someone, or something, and an entirely different thing to brutally kill someone with force. I had never been so scared in my life. Scared to enter a battle that I could lose- I knew that my country would suffer if I didn’t win. See, I hate the King with all my heart, but the people- they were like brother and sister to me. I believe that it one of the few things the King actually respected about me, although I think that it made him hate me more because he hated me for everything else I stood for. The Drakobitus making his final move made me realize that I couldn’t protect my country against him, and that tore my heart in two. I couldn’t stand to see the last of what I loved die.” Bryan’s eyes glazed over then, a tear crawling out of each of his eyes in remorse. Alex went to say something to make Bryan feel better- anything to make it all fine, but nothing came out. A fake smile suddenly appeared on Bryan’s face, as he tried to cover his shame. Alex’s expression dropped.

“So to stop that feeling of fear, you decided to kill yourself- but I healed you,” Alex breathed, “that couldn’t have been easy.” Bryan nodded.

“I sliced the sword sideways, telling you not to worry about me and heal yourself. You laughed, with blood pouring from your mouth. Never, you told me. I tried escaping your grip, but not even becoming air seemed to work- you held me there telling me that you wouldn’t let go till I stopped thinking like I did. You told me that suicide was foolish. I cried some more, saying that it was all hopeless. You then told me of the prophesy- how the combined power of the light and dark Dragon would put an end to the evil in our world forever. My heart became alive again. I may not have been able to do it by myself, but with you, I knew I could do anything.”

“But by then, the damage was done,” Alex closed his eyes, feeling Bryan’s hand land on his arm. Alex opened his eyes back to Bryan. Bryan smiled.

“This scar is a constant reminder to me of my duty to Phauroraland. It reminds me that I can’t quit. I must survive. I have to make this world what Dad wanted me to grow up in. One without the Drakobitus.” Alex’s face narrowed to an emotionless expression.

“Lets hope you find it then…”

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