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The Simple Days

by 4Christ

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This poem was inspired by my sister, who was talking to me about "the simple days" of when we were younger, and how everything is so hard now.

There were no worries

No things to bring you pain

What happened to those days

When you danced in the rain

What happened to the good old days

When nothing ever made you sad

All you had to worry 'bout

Was the love from mom dad

What happened to the blue skies

And all the days I never cried

What happened to those high times

Were no one ever lied

All of life seems so tough now

No times of silly games

Just worries and problems now

Gossip and false blames

Where is the laughter

Where is the love

Where is mom and dad

Still in love

I want the good old days

I want them back

I want the simple things

That I now lack

Those happy days

Silly sunny days

Not a worry days

All those days

But time passes

And they are gone

The future is here

A brand new dawn

I guess i should

Take this chance

Or it'll be gone

In a sudden glance

I'll take the risks

Of this new found life

No more simple days

But I'll fight the strife

And I'll keep movin' on

Singin' a simple song

Remembering the simple days

Though I'll have to be strong

There is more to life

Than simple things

There is hardships

And scary things

But we'll all get through

Just hold on tight

The storm will soon pass

The sun will break the night

Never give in to the dark of night

Filling your heart with sorrow and fright

Don't be quick to give up your life

To these unkind battles of strife

Hold on stay strong and you will make it

I believe that we can make it

There is always the little happy

We all can find in sad

Even when all hope is dead

And everything makes you mad

Simple isn't always the case

And nothing can be erased

But even though simple is gone

We all find good in what has gone wrong

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