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Knight for Arkillian

by SaikonoYume

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Gotta love the totally crapy title, which can, and most likely will be, changed. This poem was done for Arkillian, for a story she has uploaded on Red Curtain. She asked for a poem, so I sat down and set myself to working. It's always a fun challenge to write poetry incorporating established elements. A pain in the butt, but fun. Because this is for Arkillian, please, for the love of God and all things holy, do not make comments about it. I'm marking this "comfort food" in case people notice typos, but since this is Arkillian's poem, in the long run, frankly she's the only one I want to tear this to pieces. One more thing (wow, I write too much here...): I gave this to my father and he mentioned the lines repeating at the beginning and the end. He wondered if I had messed something up. Nope, it's supposed to be like that. I, personally, love this stylistic effect. I feel it brings things full-circle, which was something I wanted in this poem.

Misted veils to shroud my mind,
I could dance in dreams forever, forever
if only you and I were there together, entwined.
Could I but touch you,
could I but taste you…
A little death does renew
all my feelings, unleashed and free,
on angel’s wings in the skies.

Perhaps like brilliant sunrise,
together we could shine
if I was yours and you were mine.
Could I but touch you,
my fingers over, then under,
as soft cotton fabric falls aside.
May all things be denied—
the stars, the moon, the morning dew—
I’d let them go, leave them all behind,
could I but touch you.

Banish the light from here,
for light means morning, and, for me, to disappear.
I would have you hold me, tightly, desperately.
May all things be denied—
My knight, of all things alive,
you are most beautiful.
If only you and I were together, entwined,
I could dance in dreams forever, forever,
with misted veils to shroud my mind.

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