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My Gentle Strength

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The world of Holst was a wild and untamed land full of dangers from the skies, the land and the seas. The only protection the people had were the ones called Wielders, those few men born with the talent to wield the magic of the land to protect and shelter. .. This is the Story of Wielder Goh and his Beloved Wellspring Obie.... Rated: R

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Chapter 1, Chapter I - Of Wielders and Wellsprings

“My Gentle Strength”

A Wielder and Wellspring Story

Author: D. Sanders

Chapter I - Of Wielders and Wellsprings



The world of Holst was a wild and untamed land full of dangers from the skies, the land and the seas. The only protection the people had were the ones called Wielders, those few men born with the talent to wield the magic of the land to protect and shelter. Wielders were always men, in the history of Holst, not a record existed of a woman being born a wielder. Wielders could use the energy in the land to shape magic and battle the beasts and natural dangers that threatened the land and its people. A Wielder could use any source of natural power to manipulate magic to protect the people of Holst. A Wielder was the most revered profession in the land and all Wielder’s were highly respected and given rest, food and lodging in any village he chose to protect, even if they never stayed long and had wandering feet while young and unmated and looking for his perfect Wellspring of power.


A Wielder became even stronger when his Wellspring was found. A Wellspring could be either gender but was usually always a woman and they naturally and instinctually were born capable of drawing out energy from the land, collecting it like a pool within them from which their Wielder would drink. A Wielder and Wellspring pair would always be drawn to each other and more often than not, once they connected together as a pair, would never part from each other. Love was a foundation that made stronger bonds between a Wielder and his Wellspring.


It also was quite genetically common for a Wielder to be highly possessive of his Wellspring. Once he found, connected and mated to his match a Wielder was likely to kill a man over just looking at his Wellspring. It was a side effect of their deeper bonding of power. Once a Wielder supped from a matched Wellspring, he was a man possessed and would never lose the desire to drink of the power his match fed to him. It was more addictive than a drug and more potent than an aphrodisiac.


Male Wellsprings were rare and it was even rarer they bonded permanently to their Wielder. Male Wellsprings were often kept at hand just as an extra source of power in emergencies from which many Wielders could drink from simultaneously during battle. Male Wellsprings often died young, drained of power and used until the breaking point. It was accepted truth and it was the norm that a male wellspring was kept apart from others in his village, knowing that his duties were to the people and the land and not to himself. They did not socially interact; they were objects and tools and made no familial attachments. Knowing their fates were short lived and the fewer people to love him, the fewer would be hurt when he died.


After all, Wielders were always male and the Wellspring he was fated to partner with in life would be more than a source and bolster of his power, but a mate to bear his children and keep his bed warm at night. Very few Wielders would choose a male to be his Wellspring and certainly no children could be bred from such a pairing. It was imperative that Wielders and Wellsprings passed on their powers to their offspring; it was a hereditary trait that needed to be carried on for survival.


Male Wellsprings being the exception, they were not encouraged and in fact forbidden to mate. They were a genetic anomaly and it was not a desirable trait to be passed on to children. If a Wielder’s son was born as a Wellspring and not a Wielder he was immediately given to the temple to be raised apart, severed from his family at birth. It was an insult to the Wielder’s pride to have a son that did not have his gifts and rather than get attached to a child that would die before the parents, the parents gave him to the temple scholars to be raised and taught his duties to the people.


He was village and public property, he was less than a man, he was simply a village commodity, a source of power for wandering Wielder’s to use at will and drain dry.


It was the way of Holst for centuries and not to be questioned but to be accepted.





Obie sat on his little cot reading a well worn book and watching the sun set out his window while he rested. He was very tired, the day before a horrible spore storm had blown in and the vicious arachnid-like spores had begun attacking the wheat fields and taking root quickly and destroying the harvest like carnivorous weeds of destruction.


Four Wielders were in the town of Garth three of them mated to Wellsprings and one widowed and all of them had drawn additional power from him during the battle.


He felt exhausted and raped of power. The oldest Wielder had a heavy hand when supping from his stores and Obie didn’t wonder why he was widowed. His poor Wellspring wife must have suffered years of his brutal snatching of power.


Every pore ached on his young frame. Almost a strong Seventeen years and even his youthful strength had been brutalized severely by that man, even at a distance. Obie didn’t want to think what giving that man power would feel like had they been skin to skin contact.


Not that Obie knew what that sort of power transfer felt like. He was a male wellspring; he usually stayed in the temple and just climbed to the tower roof during emergency battles. A convenient true north point grounded on earth and stone. Easy access for any Wielder within the vicinity.


The only human contact he had was from silent monks who fed him and sheltered him and gave him books to read to pass the lonely hours of solitude.


The only time the monks had ever spoken to him was in his very early youth and only long enough to teach him how to read and to impress upon him how he was not a person, he was property and that he should never think of himself as a man and do as he was ordered by the Wielder’s. Once he’d learned, they returned to their vows of silence and left Obie alone and separated from others to read on his own out of the library.


He read the laws, that also decreed he was property of his birth village unless a Wielder matched him as a bonded Wellspring and then he became the property of his Wielder. He was to obey all Wielders if he was un-paired and if he did pair, his bonded Wielder’s orders were his law.


In other words, his life was never his own, his desires null and void, he should have no wants, no desires, no wishes, no property, no choice. He should be grateful to be born to protect until he died, he should be honored that he was able to give to the people his very existence.


The books never mentioned how much it hurt not to feel loved. How much it ached in his chest to know no one knew his name or even cared he had feelings. They knew he existed, they expected him to give until he expired, but no one thought to give him so much as a smile or a prayer at night in thanks. Even the Wielder’s that had used him, severed connection without so much as a touch of gratitude.


He could feel their emotions; all Wellsprings could feel Wielders when being used. They could all speak telepathically. None of them even asked his name, just tapped into his strength, used him and then left him cold and alone again.


“A bloody occasional ‘thank you’ would be nice. Maybe even a ‘Hello stranger, I’m about to fry you from the inside out’ once in a while. Is that so much to ask for?” Obie asked the Gods in the sky who also remained utterly silent in response.


He sighed as he closed his book and winced as he stood and walked on skin that was painful to the touch after the battle. He felt cooked alive from the power as he walked across his room and down the stairs to the kitchen.


Where he made his own meals and ate alone. He never shared in what the monks ate, they never offered aide when he was suffering after a battle and if he was going to eat, he’d have to endure the over sensitized pain of his body and cook himself.


There had ever only been one person in his life that showed him any care or affection. That was Old Father Andorn. The aged scholar had raised him, tucked him in at night when he was afraid as a boy, taught him to read, patted him on the head when he learned and took care of him after a battle.


However, Father Andorn was gone, he was on a mission for the temple. He was taking a sojourn to the Capitol City of Pernath to visit the libraries of the main temples. He had promised to bring Obie back a new book when he returned.


Obie didn’t care about the book, he just wanted Andorn back, he missed the old man terribly. He was the father Obie had never known. Andorn had been gone over half a year already, and Obie was dismayed at ever seeing the aged man again. He feared Andorn’s joints would fail him and he’d never make the return journey.


Obie sighed with melancholy as he ate a hunk of dark rye bread and butter and washed it down with a glass of amber ale the monks made. He was too tired to fix anything more substantial.


He ate as he climbed the stairs and fell back into his small bed to rest some more. His sandy mid-length and longish blond hair mussed and uncombed spilled over his pillow and his eyelids shut over jade green and tired eyes. He was quite a beautiful youth, fair of face, skin and feature. Deceptively delicate in appearance but powerful internally. Strength of soul that gave him little comfort.


There were no tears, Obie was far passed shedding tears now, he was cold emotionally and tears never brought him ease anyway. He just rolled into a ball and slept, praying for Andorn’s safe return.




“Really father, allow me.” Wielder Goh said taking the reigns of the small cart. He was a young man of twenty and one, his tall, thin and sturdy frame sat amused beside the old man in cart.


“Master Goh, I am not so old as you treat me lad.”


“And not so young as you treat me Father. Let me drive the foul ox, he’s being stubborn and your joints are aching. The least I can offer for the ride since losing my horse is to drive.” Goh winked and Andorn handed him the reigns.


“I’ll not argue lad. My joints are not what they used to be. I’d be much obliged.” Andorn smiled and settled back to let Goh drive.


He’d met the young Wielder by chance at an Inn a few weeks prior and had instantly liked the handsome youth. He was unlike most Wielders. Granted he had a natural arrogance about him, but he wasn’t so arrogant as to make him stand-offish and rude. He was just arrogant enough to exude confidence and charm. He had a disarming and engaging smile and was as prone to burst into song as he was to ignite a were-beast into flames.


He was an exceedingly powerful Wielder, and even unmatched to a Wellspring he was manipulating power as if he was bonded to ten wellsprings in a harem of a power source. Goh’s reputation also preceded him, Andorn had heard of the incredible youth’s talents long before he’d ever met the man.


Andorn had expected an outrageously arrogant and vile tempered man as most Wielders with such awesome strength were. Goh however was just the opposite. He was exceedingly friendly and amiable. Almost to the point of being gregarious with good natured affection for people.


It was almost impossible not to like the lad because he genuinely cared for the people he protected. He never let his power go to his ego, even if he had a strong pride and ego well in tact, he was never demonstrative about it, preferring to laugh and play with children rather than tout his many great deeds.


Most curious however was his lack of a wellspring mate when he was at his prime age of finding his match. At sixteen most were already paired and by eighteen already having children together. Goh was a score and one and still alone. No matter where Goh went, every unmated female wellspring flocked to his side, even as young as fourteen parents were thrusting their daughters at him in hope of such a good match. He never even looked long at them let alone used any of them for power. When Father Andorn asked about it, Goh only smiled and winked and said he’d know his Wellspring when he found his Dream.


Andorn asked what that meant but Goh refused to elaborate and changed the subject.


Another curiosity of Goh was his secretive nights. As most unmated Wielders he had his pick of bedfellows and Goh would vanish nightly, smelling of sex the next day but no occupant was left in his bed the following morning.


Andorn had raised a curious eyebrow that morning when the stable hand youth looked forlornly at Goh as they headed out again from the Inn. A handsome lad of about seventeen with blond hair and green eyes and Goh had winked at him with a grin and tossed him a rose as the cart headed out.


Goh’s sable dark hair was being tossed in the light breeze and his brilliant stormy grey hued eyes held a merry twinkle while he was whistling a jaunty tune as the cart ambled along the rutted road. Andorn studded the handsome profile silently when it suddenly dawned on him just why Goh practically refused females and why he never reacted to buxom wenches in taverns or inns and disappeared nightly circumspect about his trysting.


“I think I have you figured out at last lad.” Andorn said with a chuckle and Goh turned and cocked an eyebrow.


“Do you now? That would be a first.” Goh chuckled and Andorn smiled.


“Like them blond and green eyed and pretty on the eyes lad?”


“Oh ho. You are astute old man. Aye.”


“And male.”


“Aye again you old badger. Don’t go spreading that one around, like women to feed me I do. They are less apt to spare my belly if they know I wish not to bed them.” Goh winked and Andorn smiled.


“You’d save yourself the ritualistic parade of Wellsprings however.”


“There is that. That does get rather troublesome. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore without having to blurt out to their father’s I’m not a breeder Wielder and they are as like to get a child out of me as out of a stone.” Goh chuckled sardonically.


“Lad, it is a good thing you are coming to Garth with me then.”


“Why is that Father?”


“I think your dream is there, waiting for you.” Father Andorn smiled and Goh pulled back hard on the reigns and shifted in his seat.


“Talk Old man! What do you mean?”


“I mean I think fate lead me to you lad. You, I think, are the answer to my prayers.” Andorn said and Goh cocked an eyebrow and remained silent.


“For years I have cared for someone I love as if he were my own son and it kills me to see him trapped in the temple alone and suffering his cruel fate.”


“A male Wellspring? You care for one? They are most rare.”


“Aye. He is just as lovely inside as he is outside and dying in soul. Our laws forbid him simple pleasures and I ache for him and am powerless to free him. These past sixteen, almost seventeen years he’s been a prisoner of our temple, used and abused by every Wielder in the region. It breaks my heart to see him drained to exhaustion without so much as a greeting or thank you from the men who take from him and the people who expect him to die for them without reward.”


“I have never liked those laws. I agree with you on that Father. It is most cruel how my ilk treat male wellsprings like cattle to the slaughter. Do tell me more, I beg you.”


“I speak the truth when I say he is a vision to look upon. You I think will find him most pleasing to the eyes. I would have little doubt if you described to me your dream you would be describing my Obie.”


“I’ve had my dream since I was twelve. He has long and dark blond hair, jade green eyes. He’s fairer than a lass, has a delicate frame and a small beauty spot mole under his left eye.”


“I knew it, even the mole is accurate. Obie is everything and more you just described.”


Goh smiled brighter than even Andorn thought he was capable. “Father, hold on. I am driving this cart as fast as she’ll go until we reach Garth!” Goh cheered and snapped the reigns to get the ox started again and indeed didn’t let the animal rest until they reached Garth at twilight.


However, they also reached it in the same moment a pack of were-cats rushed the small country village and Goh leapt out of the cart his powers flaring to life. He felt a presence nearby of immense power and was drawn to it like a moth to flame.


An unmatched wellspring was near and it even tasted male on his senses. Goh reached for the power and brushed against it, it was warm like a summer afternoon and rich as honey. It was orgasmic on his senses and as he touched the power it shivered in reaction to his touch.


::Might I drink from you beloved?:: Goh asked and felt shock in return.


::A-aye Master. You ask first?:: Came the confused reply.


::Any Wielder who would take without asking is a barbarian and I beg forgiveness if you have been misused.:: Goh replied as he connected to the lad and nearly fainted at the rush of sensation and power in his core.


He felt a returned sensation of shock as they connected and Goh smiled, he didn’t need to see the lad, he knew the moment they connected this was his Wellspring. They meshed almost too perfectly.


Goh felt a brutal attack on their connection and growled and sent a stinging warning flare out to the Wielder trying to tap into the bond, the harsh hand of the Elder Wielder trying to take the Wellspring’s power was bitten back by a much stronger and younger Wielder, Goh.


::You foul beast! Never grasp at power like that you monster! You’ll hurt him!:: Goh reprimanded as he fought.


::It’s a public wellspring!::


::He’s a human being! No longer public, he’s MY Wellspring! Touch him again and I’ll kill you too! Use the land old man! There’s a fountain of power here to sup from, my Wellspring has charged the area with his presence! You need not have to connect directly and you never had to! It’s just easier to tap the source you lazy Wielder!:: Goh spat back mentally and Obie shook where he stood, not believing the conversation he was hearing in his head as he felt the stranger wrap around him like a magical shield, protecting him from the brutal Widowed Wielder Pandar.


When the stranger had connected to him Obie’s knees had gone weak, and indeed there was only the connection, the stranger wasn’t drawing power out of him, but reading his power source and then taking residual excess power from around him. His gentle touch and tender care not to use the power source but drink from the already collected pools of power in the area was like a breath of fresh air for Obie. A Wielder who also cared about the male behind the wellspring power was unheard of and Obie was positive he didn’t just hear the stranger claim him as a bonded pair.


During a battle Obie always felt charred to a crisp, but not today, his skin was alive with power and the stranger was just collecting the power that was flowing out of Obie, like a kiss brushing against his senses every time the stranger came nearer to drink.


Obie felt the others reach for him and the stranger blocked their attempts to connect to him and use him instead of their wives.


::Use your own damned Wellsprings! They’re only little were-cats! Stop abusing him! You all make me sick!:: Goh spat mentally each time a Wielder came too close to Obie.


Soon all Obie felt around him was the stranger’s gentle warmth and strength and Obie reached for it blindly and felt it accepted.


::I don’t need so much power beloved, But thank you dearest. You’ll make me drunk with power you are quite potent my love. You have the whole land for miles charged with power. You are quite a strong Wellspring indeed my love.::


::Who are you Master?::


::My name is Goh dearest, you never need call me Master. Not you.::


::You’re really claiming me?::


Goh chuckled at the question mixed with unmitigated hope. ::Aye. You feel our bond too I hope. This is unmistakable, we are matched well dearest, no other Wielder will ever use or hurt you again, I will not allow it.:: Goh replied as the last Were-cat fell and he turned and raced to the temple. He had to see the youth he was bonded to, had to see the power that filled him so completely.


Goh took the stairs leading to the tower two and three at a time and threw open the door leading to the roof.


Standing there, dressed in only his night shirt was perhaps the most beautiful creature Goh had ever laid eyes on. Andorn had not lied, Obie was a vision of beauty and indeed his dream in the flesh. He’d seen Obie in his dreams for nearly a decade, seeing him for real brought Goh to his spiritual knees and he raced over and crushed the youth in his arms and against his chest.


“Mine, you’re mine and I won’t let anyone hurt you again I swear it on my life!” Goh said into blond hair, Obie was shaking and clinging to his middle lost in euphoria.


“I’m dreaming and I will awake and weep I know it.” Obie said, his light tenor shaking with fear.


“Nay, this is very real dearest. Dreamed of you most of my life I have. I have found you at last and am not apt to let go any time soon. You will not be a prisoner any longer, you will not be used or abused you have my vow. I will protect you always.” Goh said and Obie turned his face up, his large jade eyes shimmering with tears of joy and his smile was brighter than the stars that twinkled in the night sky. He was free of his loneliness and torment, free from his cell and emotional and physical celibacy. He was born anew and trembled in his Wielder’s arms.


“Goh, I vow I am yours always to give you strength my Wielder. I am so happy to belong to you.” Obie said and Goh smiled and carded his fingers through Obie’s hair.


“The law may say you belong to me Obie. But I would never be so bold as to state I own you. I will only ever state I love you, my Wellspring, and I belong as much to you as you do to me.” Goh said and Obie sobbed gut wrenching tears of joy and longing and Goh held him close as he purged years worth of pain and loneliness into a strong chest.


Andorn was standing at the top of the stairs smiling at the scene. “At last, my prayers are answered. Goh you are a gift from the Gods you are son. I know my Obie will ever be safe in your hands.” Andorn said and Goh nodded.


“Aye father. Thank you for bringing me to him, I will never be able to thank you enough.” Goh said holding Obie close and drinking in his presence like a man bereft of feeling for far too long.


“You thank me son, by loving him as I do. Come, you both need to eat now, power use makes both a Wielder and a Wellspring hungry.” Andorn said and turned to head down the stairs. Goh took Obie’s hand and squeezed.


“He’s right dearest. Food first, we can chatter and play all night after.” Goh winked and Obie blushed. He’d forgotten that part of being a bonded pair also meant being a lifetime bedmate to his Wielder. Goh chuckled.


“Have no fear Obie. We’ll take things one step at a time. I know perfectly well you’ve never been held let alone mated before and I have no intention of scaring you for life with shock. Only when you’re ready beloved and not a moment before. I detest our laws for male Wellsprings and I will be the last man on earth to bring you fear and pain. I will woo you properly damn it.” Goh said leading Obie down the stairs and into the kitchen.


Obie was shocked silent already with sensation and ate numbly as he stared shamelessly at his handsome young Wielder who just kept smiling at him and telling him to eat.




After their late supper, Obie lead Goh up the stairs to his sparse little room and Goh eyed the cell with distaste. The bed was barely large enough for Obie, let alone a pair and Goh had no intention of sleeping without his Wellspring close at hand, so he took the bedding off the bed and made them a pallet next to the fireplace. All the while Obie stood shyly off to the side watching, his eyes wide.


Especially when Goh undressed to his skin and crawled into the nest of blankets patting the space beside him. “Come beloved, lay with me here by the fire. I vow I will not hurt you. Come talk with me and let us just be close dearest. I need you near now that we’ve paired. I won’t be able to sleep if you’re not next to me beloved.”


Obie knew that was true, once bonded a Wielder always needed his Wellspring close and most could not even live if he lost his mate. A Wellspring was more than a source of power and a bedfellow, they were soul mates that fed off each other. Obie nodded and crawled into the pallet of blankets beside Goh and sighed as Goh wrapped him in strong arms and comfort. Kissing Obie’s brow as he reached down and pulled Obie’s nightshirt off him so they were naked together.


“I need to feel your skin Dearest, that’s all.” Goh reassured as he wrapped around Obie from behind and they spooned together in the nest of blankets.


Obie shivered as he felt Goh’s manhood against the skin of his posterior. Alive and erect. “Goh…”


“I know, I won’t Obie. I can’t help but react to you, you are my husband as much as my Wellspring and our bond is very strong. I won’t lie and say I can wait indefinitely, I will need to consummate our bond soon, but for now I am content to bask in your power my love. You are like touching golden sunshine to me, I feel warm all over just being near you. You are the strongest Wellspring I’ve ever been near, you could make a Wielder drunk just being in the same room with you beloved. I am thrilled you are mine Obie. I am happier than I have ever been to have you.” Goh said kissing the back of Obie’s neck making him shiver.


“Goh, I never dreamed of this, never dared hope. I pray I will be a good husband to you. I will try.” Obie said and Goh chuckled.


“You couldn’t be anything else Obie. Bonds are not accidents or chosen. They are fated and you chose me as much as I chose you. We connect because the gods wish it so. If we were not well matched when I reached for your power earlier we would have just shared an exchange of power and nothing more. You felt the power mesh as much as I did. We did more than share power, we mixed as one being, we couldn’t do that of our own freewill even if we wanted to, power doesn’t work like that. It just happens when it’s meant to be, I was meant to be yours and you mine. It’s as simple as that beloved.” Goh said and Obie nodded, he knew that much from his studies too.


“I know, but still I’m male, I never expected to be bonded, ever.”


“I know. Believe me I am glad you are male, you could not be mine if you were female. I cannot bed females, I am a non-breeder male.”


“As I must me I suppose if we are matched. I tried never to think about it much.” Obie said and Goh smiled into his back.


“Aye. You have to be dearest. It must have been very difficult here for you and for what it is worth I am sorry.”


“You didn’t write the laws of our land Goh.”


“I will endeavor to un-write them however. It is cruel and inhuman what you have endured. Together I hope we may shed light to the people who live in ignorance. If they know just how much you suffered, they will beg reform and eventually reform will come. My brother was, is… a male wellspring and I had to watch him suffer and have a fate worse than death and I am helpless to protect or save him. I cannot even acknowledge him as my little brother. That kills me, I wanted to see him so badly and I had to sneak in and sneak out. I was the only comfort he had before his accident which has left him this past year in a comatose sleep like the dead so I do know intimately how lonely you have been dearest. I will remove that pain from your gaze if it takes a lifetime.” Goh said and Obie rolled over and faced him, tears in his eyes again.


“My heart is already bursting with love of you Goh. Your pain is equal to mine it seems. Your heart is large indeed and I will protect it always.” Obie said and Goh smiled and leaned closer and eyes drifted closed as lips met in their first kiss.


Which was electric and left them both breathless in wonder as Goh leaned up from where he had Obie pinned beneath him, not even remembering rolling him into such a submissive state while they kissed. “That was powerful. Forgive me, your kiss alone it seems is enough to drive me mad with want of you.”


“Nothing to forgive. That was beautiful. You need never beg forgiveness for something so lovely to feel my Goh.” Obie smiled and Goh was lost in his eyes.


“So beautiful you are Obie. Will you let me love you? I will be gentle I vow.”


“Aye. I do not think you could ever be harsh my Goh. I am lost in your gentle strength I feel all around me. I feel alive and warm and I want nothing more than to be lost in you.” Obie sighed, his own sex equally erect where he lay beneath Goh.


Goh smiled and dripped kisses along a delicate collarbone and down a slender torso until Obie was gasping and mewling with denied sensations as Goh worshiped his neglected manhood with lips and tongue.


Obie’s fingers were clenched in the bedding as he arched into a warm mouth and came quickly. Goh expected as much from his sensitive and virginal lover. He would make sure Obie experienced pleasure upon pleasure before he dared make love to him.


He proceeded to toy and play with Obie’s body until he was boneless with sensation, bringing him to a state of total trust and relaxation before he rolled Obie onto his stomach and used his tongue and fingers to toy with his objective.


Obie gasped and moaned as Goh’s fingers probed and invaded and stretched and his tongue provided relief from pain with saliva as lubrication. “Goh! Oh Goh I will not last much more.” Obie panted and Goh smiled.


“Not yet dearest. This time you will come with me.” Goh said moving to his knees and pushing his own neglected erection home into welcoming confines.


Obie cried out loudly in a mix of pain and pleasure as Goh groaned with his own enjoyment of connecting their bodies as much as their powers had already connected.


A slow languid tempo began the summoning of the tempest. Obie was sobbing Goh’s name with every thrust as the storm of love making grew into a hurricane of passion and Goh was equally vocal in calling out Obie’s name as he shuddered in release and emptied his seed in rigid spasms of sinful orgasmic bliss. He’d never made love to a creature so ideally matched to his body and soul.


In one night, Obie had become the center of Goh’s universe, his ultimate treasure and possession. He loved with a ferocity that rivaled obsession. The man, the body, the soul everything about Obie was perfection to Goh’s senses.


This was no longer a fanciful dream, this was burning reality which made the dream pale in comparison.


Goh was sobbing his own joy as he clutched a quivering Obie in his arms as they came down off their sexual cloud of ecstasy and settled into a decidedly contented afterglow.


“I love you Obie. That was perfect.”


“Oh Aye. Magical to feel you in me my Goh. I feel you burn inside my belly like a flame. I Love you so very much I want to cry again.” Obie said and Goh kissed his sweaty brow.


“I will only ever allow tears of joy. Anyone who makes you cry again in pain will feel my anger. My Dearest One.” Goh said through a yawn.


No more words were uttered as sleep claimed them both for the night and they lay warm and content by the dying fire, spent of energy but full of new love.


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