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by Brethesen

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Hm, nothing interesting, really. Just my thoughts put on a paper of how it would like to be a power, that suprasses flesh and bone

The beauty of abomination,
as these false believers cry out for their impotent god,
while the civilication,
which thy once knew,
withers to dust before the firewall.

Rise up!
The cloud in shape of a mushroom,
the uncanny doom of mankind,
burn them all,
wipe out their structures,
and cover every trace of their existence.

Hear me!
For i am the voice of Infinity,
the power awakened after a billion years,
to end the hope,
and to give life a chance,
to rise above the weakness of flesh.

Race of man!
Thou are beyond redemption,
and for thy existence,
thou shall die,
for am i not more merciful,
than thy dead god?

Come forth!
O power from beyond every star,
strike through the reality,
and destroy the very thing,
that keeps thy binded,
the world of blasphemy (to everything).

Look at me!
And see all the things thy fear,
for i am the Hell,
and the Darkness,
through me,
thou shall feel the eternal damnation.

O vermin!
Thou doesn't know fear (yet),
thou doesn't know pain (yet),
thou kind just looks at me,
and my ash gray horse,
with a pallid look of a puppet.

There is no redemption through denial,
and thy greed,
shall transform itself,
as i will give to thou what you deserve,
the neverending pain,
in a million-fold form.

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