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If Only...

by Courtesyof24

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The DBZ gang are thrown into an alternate universe where they find out how things may have happened if only...

Chapter 1, Prologue

There was an eerie silence in the air while Gohan stood outside of his house waiting for his new sibling to be born. There were no birds chirping anymore, the wind seemed stop dead; even the sounds of screaming from the pain of childbirth had subsided.

Ox King stepped out of the house wiped his forehead and walked over to Gohan who was now sitting under a tree.

"How's mom Grandpa?" Gohan asked with a little worry in his voice.

"I don't know. They wouldn't tell me anything!"

The Ox King looked around and listened for something, anything and heard nothing. "Man, it's quiet. It was a storm on the way. The wind was blowing so hard a few minutes ago."

"I know weird." Gohan said looking into the sky. As he looked around he saw a swirl of dark purple and black clouds come in there direction. He could see lightning striking the ground but he still heard nothing. It seemed like everything the cloud passed over would freeze as if time had stopped. It was enveloping the sky and coming their way quickly.

"What is that!" the Ox King said finally seeing the cloud. They both began to back up as the cloud got closer. Gohan ran to his grandfather but before he could reach him… it was too late.

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