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Gala of Life

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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I haven't been having the best of days, and I guess I just felt that I was collapsing from within, so I brouhgt out a new word Document and started typing. My English teacher has REALLY been stressing SYmbolism in writing as of late, so I guess that kind of came into hand as I was writing.

Gala of Life

Gala of Life



A large pain that dwells in my stomach

Growing, expanding, and making me crumble

I slowly decay, disperse into air

As I sit, majestic as ever, on my golden chair

Can a pain like this be hidden, easily as I have done so?

Is it possible to place a smile on my face

While on the inside, my stomach turns?

Apparently so, or perhaps it is that

I have accomplished the impossible.

Place on a grin, sit high in my throne,

Wish to cry out in agony of this deception

And Never let go of my golden Scepter.

Could you possibly understand my pain?

Understand my inner consumption?

Consumption of my own soul and sanity?

As Even I am not sure of what it is that they live off of

I supply naught

I feed it even less

It starves, thirsts, begging and pleading

I allow it freedom to roam, and show its colors

So they all gather, in my large hall, watching my depression

This gala of joy unfold, as they behold its convention

Convention of the one thing that could never be

With its best friends, Love and hate.

But Donít Worry, because one day it will disperse

This love, this hate, and this eternal search

Just as I have become one with the air

In my golden hall, on my golden throne,

clutching to, and living off of my pure scepter.


© Melissa Martinez

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