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For Mai Gurl

by NegativeZero

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The day that we were kissin underneath the moon and stars, / I made a wish for mai baby to be taken reallie far,...

These lyrics go to the melody of Deestylistics- "Be By My Side" which is a wonderful song. The only part I dont like about the song is the guy who raps at the end of it cuz he kinda goes off beat. THe chorus is the same but I didnt put it so as not to copy anything they sang. I was gonna make a chorus for it but I didnt have time but if any of yall can come up wit one send me a copy or watever you wish. Hope ya enjoy da lyrics as much I did writing them. Payce!

The day that we were kissin underneath the moon and stars,
I made a wish for mai baby to be taken reallie far,
So far that we would be away from pain, saddness and lies,
Cuz I dont want to see mai boo wit tears in her eyes,
And the bond thats held between us could never ever be broken,
Shes mai thug and mai homie and we'll alwaise be rollin,
She knoes exactly wat to say, when to say it, how to say it,
She puts a smile on mai face everyday when she says it,
Shes mai California sunshine mai heaven and mai earth,
And I thank the lord forever in bringin her to mai world,
Shes the only one I need and I will never forget,
That night she fell into mai arms she was the angel in mai bed,
So from the depths of mai heart I will give her all of mai love,
And its in forever where miracles arent only dreamed of,
So thank you mai lady they'll be no more tears left to cry,
As long as you are here Im forever at your side,


When I met her for the first time I was shy when I spoke,
Then she gave me a smile to let mai lungs unchoke,
And the first words that came made her blush in a way,
And I knew that from that day she would be here to stay,
She would never let me down often when I was in trouble,
She was there to the rescue pickin me up when I stumbled,
So I look forward to that day when I drop to one knee,
Beggin her to be mai baby for eternity,


Shes the center of mai heart and the apple to mai eye,
I was askin her suger how you get so fly,
Im like frankie J cuz Im just singin mai love song,
But unlike Fifty mai pimpin days is long gone,
Cuz I dont wanna do anything to hurt mai baby,
If she ran away you'd knoe I'd be goin crazay,
Cuz the only thing I need is the one I call mai lady,
The one who could save me if mai sky was gettin all hazy,
Its only when Im far away even for a while,
I start missin her and I pick up the fone to dial,
Shes says Im crazie cuz Im lovin her too way much,
But these are the things you do when you knoe you're in love,
You knoe Id die for mai lady and nobody else,
Cuz loneliness is cold when ur all by urself,
Im lovin everything she do and by the talks and stares,
She will alwaise be mai baby cuz shes shows how much she cares,
Shes the only thing Ill truely ever love and adore,
Cuz she keeps mai love and mai heart beggin for more,
Someone to love and to cherish everyday,
I want nothin else but to bring a smile to her face,
I thank the lord humbly for giving her lyfe,
And with this ring in mai hand I want her to be mai wife

© 2003 TimZ

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