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Completed: Oct 23, 2005

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The Owl eater was a concept piece I did a while back. I developed a story around it and its relationship with a young boy named Edgar Edward Presswood (EEP). This is when EEP first encounters the creature who is later to become his friend. At first edgar is rather afraid of him though.

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No kidding! I'd be scared of it, too. O.O!

I can totally see them becoming best friends, though. Corky Smile

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Hee-bee Gee-bees!!! Awsome pic, my son just yelled at me to run from the monster on the puter LOL


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great pic! I love it! poor kid, I would be peeing my pants about then!

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Very scary piece. Great job of drawing on the audience's fear.


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My, this is great! It feels like you're in a Harry Potter movie. You've done a great job emphasizing the kid's fear. I wouldn't want to be in his place that's for sure. I also love the contrast between the inside of the house and the outside. Your art changed so much from what I saw you doing earlier. Anyhow, great job, I just love this pic! Favorite
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Oh *shivers*, geeze, that creeping outside the window thing always gets me.
I love the light blue you've added to EEP's face; it feels as though those pupils behind his glasses are stretched to the size of saucers.
I feel for this kid! I'd be quite afraid of him too!

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