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Contact [email protected] for anything having to do with your account such as trouble logging in, resetting passwords, etc. Please include your username in your support email.

PaperDemon Art RPG Help

Guides has info about how to play the game

FAQ has answers to many common questions.


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Discord server

Email: [email protected]



Here's a list of our lovely staff members. Many of them are volunteers!


Founder, Lead Artist, Web developer, Benevolent Dictator
[email protected]
Contact me for media inquiries, marketing opportunities, collaboration opportunities, etc.


Game Writers

Game developer and Lead writer for the PaperDemon Art RPG
[email protected]



Writer for the PaperDemon Art RPG


Site Admins

Administrator, New Player Rep
[email protected]
Helps members with account issues and rule compliance. Lead discord admin.


PaperDemon Art RPG Admins

We're the team that reviews and approves artwork in the queues, deliver rewards, transfer items, and make corrections to character sheets.


Cupcakes | Minimaid | Inkstained42 | CrazyShir0 | Shona


Discord Moderators

We're the team that keeps the discord civil.

ArkillianDragon | Minimaid | Inkstained42 | Fordandra


Snail Mail

Need to send us snail mail? Go ahead and send to this address. Please also notify us by email at [email protected] so we can expect your mail (we rarely get any).

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