Community Guidelines

It is my hope that by having this code of conduct and community guidleines that it will inspire others to take ownership and action toward building a more positive and inclusive community. - BogusRed


The guidelines

We desire a community where ALL feel welcome. By following these guidelines you're helping us foster a safe and inclusive art community...

  1. This is a safe and inclusive community. Insensitivity toward the following are violations of the community guidelines: gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, physical appearance, body size/shape, race, ethnicity, culture, disability/ability, religion, age, profession, socio-economic standing, mental and physical health, or education. This is not an exhaustive list, and topics will be added if needed.
  2. Approach each interaction with others as an opportunity to help each other grow.
  3. Be considerate and empathetic toward others. Don’t attack, harass, publicly call-out, insult, or otherwise antagonize any member of the community. No unwelcome sexual or romantic advances. Please be respectful to everyone, including yourself. Avoid actions or language that can lead others to feel shame, rejection, or otherwise feel unwelcome, unwanted, and unloved.
  4. Aggressive language, excessive self-deprecating comments, and excessive negativity are harmful to you and the community and are, therefore, not tolerated.
  5. Dishonesty, trolling, and bullying are not acceptable.

… Remember we're here to have fun and encourage one another with positive intentions. This is a place to play fun Art RPG games and celebrate creativity.


Where these guidelines apply


Consequences for violations

We are a neurodiverse community so many in our community may struggle with impulsiveness and emotional dysregulation which may lead to rule violations. Mod staff will try our best to take this into account and offer leniency, especially if the violations are minor and you have an overall positive history. That said, mods priority is to the wellness of the community as a whole over leniency for those who continue to negatively impact the community.

There are consequences for not following our community guidelines outlined above. Consequences include warnings, mutes, account suspension, or perma-ban depending on the severity.

Moderators reserve the right to

  1. Use repeat warnings instead of mutes for minor infractions or for those who have a history of positive behavior
  2. Skip ahead in this consequence sequence if a person's first and/or primary interactions with the community are negative
  3. Ban someone on if they were banned from the discord and vice versa.
  4. Ban someone on our Discord and/or for harmful actions which take place outside of our platforms (e.g. Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, another Discord server, etc).

In order to maintain safety of the community, if a member is banned from for community guidelines violations, they must also be banned from any discord servers managed by Art RPGs hosted with PaperDemon. 

Report a violation

If you see something, say something. Please don't try to handle it yourself.

For violations on our discord server, check the #rules-and-info channel on details on how to report a violation privately.

For violations on, please send an email to [email protected].

If you wish to make an anonymous report, you're welcome to do so by creating a throwaway email account in order to contact us so that we may follow up with you while still maintaining your anonymity.

Art RPG staff violators

Before Art RPGs host with us, we make sure they understand how important our community guidelines are and that they will be expected to uphold and enact them to the highest standards.

If you believe an Art RPG moderator, admin, owner, or other staff member is behaving in a way not in accordance with our community guidelines, please report this to a staff member of the ARPG first.

If you've escalated to a staff member within the ARPG but the issue was not addressed, or the issue is with an owner of an ARPG, please report it to us (see above) and we'll do our best to find an unbiased person to investigate.

Ban Appeal

If you think you were wrongly or unfairly banned or muted, please contact us at [email protected]. Please include your username and/or discord username and provide detailed justification as to why you think the actions taken were incorrect, along with any supporting screenshots or documentation.

If you are someone who frequently has difficulty complying with community rules within other communities, we empathize with you and your struggle. We understand that this can be common for those who are hurting the most inside or struggle with more severe forms of mental illness or neurodiversity. While we do aim to be a welcoming place for the neurodiverse, we cannot allow community guideline violators at the expense and safety of other community members.

It is not the mod staff's responsibility to coach you into better communication habits. Our priority is the protection of the community as a whole. There is a minimum level of respectful communication required by members of our community in order to participate in community discussions. If you are not yet capable of meeting these standards, it doesn't make you a bad person but it does mean you're not yet ready to be a part of this community.


Reasons behind the guidelines

Know that we take these community guidelines extremely seriously because many of those we aim to serve have a history of trauma, particularly trauma of being bullied or living with mental health challenges, and need a safe and supportive environment to help them heal, be productive, and feel accepted. For that reason, it is essential that members of this community maintain respectful, kind, and compassionate relationships with one another for the psychological safety of all community members.

As such, we maintain a trauma informed environment. A trauma informed environment is one in which there is a universal assumption that trauma has occurred. This means we are actively working toward:

  • Creating and fostering an environment that is understandably safe
  • Providing an opportunity for creators with past and/or current trauma to successfully be a contributing as well as receiving member of a supportive community
  • The establishment and maintenance of structures (topic-specific channels) and rules that are understandable, reasonable, and predictable
  • Maintaining a community that respects boundaries set by its members (using content and trigger warnings)

You may notice that we don't give as many second chances as other communities. Our philosophy is that the best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior. Meaning, if someone is a repeat violator within a short period of time soon after joining the community, there's little reason to give second chances as this is a pretty clear indication that they will continue to violate the rules and guidelines, even after being warned or muted. By acting more swiftly and permanently, we can better protect the vulnerable members of our community and minimize damage to the community.


A note about public callouts

In the past, we've seen members of the community use a public call-out post to raise an issue with a game staff member or admin in the interest of accountability. We understand that due to power imbalances, people may feel the need to take their concerns to the public. Unfortunately, these types of posts, even when done with the best of intentions, incite harassment, cause harm and shame and cause other members of the community to be concerned for their safety. Call-out posts create an environment of fear and distrust.

If you have concerns that an admin or staff member from one of our games is not acting in accordance with these community guidelines, please report it to us and we can help investigate and reach a resolution. Please do not attempt to handle the situation yourself.