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  • Cover for Miriam-chan's Delight II

    Miriam-chan's Delight II

    After another year had quickly passed, Miriam decides to make a change for her life by departing from Strawberry Fields and head straight to Japan only to be quickly tangled up in a whole new adventure that is college life and adulthood. Sequel to the first series on my Blogger simply titled "Miriam-chan's Delight"

  • Cover for Rainy Blue

    Rainy Blue

    Hidehiko and Yuri go explore parts of West Haven together and well a lot more happens! Fluffy stuff of course!

  • Cover for Misadventures Of Alexandria!

    Misadventures Of Alexandria!

    Ever wonder what Alexandria does besides being a self taught artist that also attends Strawberry Fields High School? Well here goes a spin off series that may shed light to what they do besides that :) First but definitely not the last spin-off series from the "Miriam-chan's Delight" universe.

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