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  • Cover for a living storm

    a living storm

    A massive school of fish has gathered for spawning season. The beautiful sight in setting sun has young Ulrin intrigued. Will he listen to warnings of his elders? For Dragons of Aquella Monthly Challenge, August 2020.

  • Cover for Jordyn's Night Out

    Jordyn's Night Out

    Stryx ID: 1066 A fun little story about a fun little Stryx who has her eyes set on something. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great day! This was created for the Dracostryx ARPG summer sale.

  • Cover for Hylje and the Berry Thief

    Hylje and the Berry Thief

    Entry for the Summer Games II: Fun in the Lake mini-game prompt for the Mime Dogs ARPG. Ft. my Mime Dog Hylje ( MD-000356 ), and his new friend, a currently nameless Páokia. Mime Dogs are a closed species ARPG Páokias are an NPC species from the Mime Dogs ARPG

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