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  • Cover for Gathering Chicks

    Gathering Chicks

    Crypt 12056, Hyxus 11022, and their riders are in a race to find Noot Noot's lost chicks. The results may be life or death 1147 word count

  • Cover for My Dear Friend

    My Dear Friend

    Just a short story/test pass throwing out some ideas for Jade's revival and return to the mortal world after her battle against Orca. Not determined whether this exact sequence will be canon or not.

  • Cover for Moments Captured in Time

    Moments Captured in Time

    HGGL One-shot/Drabble series. There are moments in life that are truly spectacular, some...not so much. These are those moments in the lives of John Stewart, Shayera Hol, and their, at times, unconventional and unique family.

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