Hosting your Art RPG

We're excited that you're interested in hosting your Art Role Playing Game with PaperDemon!

Benefits of hosting your ARPG on PD

Provide your players and game admins with a user friendly and enjoyable experience that will save you from the hell that is game tracking through spreadsheets.

We offer unique Art RPG features like

  • Searchable Character sheets
  • Item shop and item compendium
  • Player and character inventory systems
  • Queues for tracking submissions and requests
  • Rollers to automate dropping random items
  • Searchable Events and Guides pages with organized table of contents
  • Notify players of new game events

...alongside all the typical art site features like user logins, art submissions, writing submissions, forums, comments, DMs, etc.

We have affordable prices, starting at free.

Paid features

Our paid features, designed for larger Art RPGs, will help you save admin time, improve accuracy, and improve the player experience.

For a monthly fee, we offer premium tools to Art RPG groups small and large that want tooling to help them track queues, game data, and more.

If you're an Art RPG or closed species group with more than 25 active players, you may be starting to experience some challenges in tracking your game's characters and items. Our Starter and Partner plans can help you manage your most important data at scale and improve the usability for your players.

With multiple games existing on the same platform, it creates a consistent and easy to understand playing experience for your players. Our system can support hosting tens of thousands of characters, items, players, and submissions.

Through 2023, our Starter plan is free for groups that don't monetize their ARPGs. If you do monetize, talk with us and we'll negotiate an affordable price for your group.



Get in touch with us and let us know more about your Art RPG! Please contact

[email protected]

We can help you find a plan that fits your needs and budget.