Hosting your Art RPG

We're excited that you're interested in hosting your Art Role Playing Game with PaperDemon!

Art RPG Hosting Benefits

Scale your game and delight your players starting at just $20/month, all without writing any code or doing any technical setup.


No Tech Skills Needed

Other solutions out there require complex technical knowledge or hiring a developer to get your game setup and working. This can cost hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

PaperDemon offers an easy to use ARPG hosting system with no technical skills required. Just point, click, and let the magic happen!

If you're an Art RPG or closed species group with more than 25 active players, you may be living in the chaotic world of spreadsheets and lengthy queues that frustrate players. Our Starter and Partner plans can help you manage your most important data at scale and improve the usability for your players by providing easy to use interfaces and automations.




Features Starter Plan
Partner Plan
Starting at $55/month
Active player count 0-100 >100
Character Database with history tracking
Item Compendium
Item Shop
Dollar Shop for selling premium items and characters for USD   ✅ (currently in BETA)
Player and Character inventories
Point tracking/Submission tracker
Tech support
Custom Character database fields
used for custom roller integrations
Character Drafts  
Events, Guides, Announcements  

Basic roller builder included.

Custom rollers/mechanics available for additional one-time fee.

Traveling Merchant  

Partner Placement in our Art RPG Directory.
Link from the PaperDemon homepage.
Price $20/month
OR $200/year

Starting at
OR $550/year

Get in touch with us to get a custom quote.



Get in touch with us and let us know more about your Art RPG! Please contact

[email protected]

We can help you find a plan that fits your needs and budget.



Do I have to code anything to get it set up?

No coding is required. Our website works as software-as-a-service. Meaning we handle all the hosting and setup for you. However, if you want to use custom HTML in your guides, event pages, and announcements, you may do so if you'd like. There are no complicated plugins to setup or coding to do.


What is considered an active player?

A player is only counted as active if their characters are getting updated within the monthly period. If a player joins your game and then doesn't play after a few months, they are not counted toward your quota.


What kind of rules do we have to follow?

PaperDemon is not like other social media platforms. We have and enforce strict community guidelines to maintain safety of community members and maintain an uplifting atmosphere. This is a site for people who are willing to follow the social contract of uplifting the community. All staff members of your ARPG are expected to follow and enforce these guidelines within your communities.

If multiple staff members of your game have serious or numerous community guidelines violations, we may ask you to leave our platform.


What if PaperDemon doesn't work out for us?

Not a problem. We can provide you with exports of your data in CSV format which includes character sheets, item compendium, player and character inventories. This data should aid you in migrating to another platform. At this time we're not able to provide a ZIP of your image assets, however there may be free tools you can use to do this by feeding it your CSV files.


What if I have more than 100 active players but can't afford the partner plan?

We're flexible and the active player counts are mostly here as guidelines, not as strict rules. Just let us know what your needs are and we can work with you and come to an agreement. We typically recommend upgrading to a Partner tier once you get closer to 100 players as it can become harder to manage game submissions without a queue system.


What kind of tech support is available?

We offer a discord server where you get direct access to our lead developer to ask questions, provide feedback on upcoming features, and get tech support help. Responses are usually within 1-2 business days if not sooner. We are extremely friendly and supportive and are here to support you and your staff!


Can players purchase items themselves from the shop with virtual currency?

Yes. You configure which items appear in the shop and how much virtual currency players can use to purchase. You can also offer sell-back items so players can trade "trash" items for currency.

In the future, we will offer something like paypal integration to allow players to purchase premium currencies. 


What's included in the Starter plan versus the Partner plan?

Please see the table above. If you're a smaller to mid-sized ARPG, you may always upgrade to a Partner tier later when you're ready.


Can I create rollers that do X and Y?

Rollers are offered at the Partner tier. The roller builder is very simple and can do guaranteed drops or simple random drops for players and/or characters.

We also offer custom coding services to build in automations for things like complex roller mechanics, mystery boxes, and more. We can read data from your character sheets to trigger additional or rarer drops from companions, equipment, ranks, traits and more. Most of these services are offered for a one-time coding fee and will deliver you tight integration with our tooling to automate delivery of item drops and rewards to players, all at the press of a button for your admins. It requires being at the partner tier first to get access to our roller system.


How are new features developed?

We regularly ask ARPG owners and admins for feedback on upcoming features. We share spec documents to gather requirements and needs of our customers as well as share screenshots of in-progress feature development. We frequently ask for feedback from our customers on how we can improve the UI and features to meet the needs of Art RPGs!


How do I import my characters?

You can input one character at a time with our character form and upload your images. Only designated admins can add/edit characters.

Or you can use our bulk character importer which allows you to input all of your character data via a spreadsheet and import multiple characters at a time.

Partner plan only: The character drafts feature allows you to recruit your players to draft their own character sheets and send them for approval. When a character is drafted, the player can edit whatever fields you configure but the character can't be used in-game until an admin approves it for in-game use. 


Will you help me grow my game?

Our community is focused on Art RPGs and new players who join PaperDemon are here to play them. When you host on PaperDemon, you get access to players of other ARPGs hosted with us as well.

We primarily market our own game, PaperDemon Art RPG, when we get new players. But often players who play PDARPG will begin exploring other games. We're happy to help promote your ARPG on our social media and weekly newsletter to help you grow. However, you'll need to provide us with assets, promotional text, etc. Ultimely growth of your Art RPG will be your responsibility. We recommend making sure you continue to host events regularly to maintain engagement of your game and get the word out in other ARPG communities.

We also occasionally do cross-over events with partnered ARPGs to help encourage player exploration.


What is the traveling merchant?

You can schedule an NPC to appear in the Inn page to feature up to three items from your shop. You can even schedule discounts. This is a great way to raise awareness of items, promote rare items, and increase sales. Typically people schedule the merchant to appear once a month for a week or every two weeks for a few days.