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Completed: Nov 13, 2005

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Here's a picture of regular-sized Dante in his skivvies a la Viewtiful Joe!  I've been playing Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble lately and couldn't help but remember my experiences with the original Viewtiful Joe (the PS2 version anyway) with Dante running around in his delicates.  Enjoy. Wink

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lol i have no idea who this is but hubba hubba howt Big Smile

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Wow, imagine what kind of comments and reviews DMC3 would've gotten if he wore this instead of just topless >D

Wow >D

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Ah! I'm so glad to have made your night. Smile This is the same Dante, and he appears in the PS2 version of the game Viewtiful Joe. In this game his non-powered form is him in bikini briefs! So it's quite fun to watch him run around nearly-naked fighting bad guys. I think the game is quite inexpensive now, so it shouldn't be too hard to pick up and check out Dante in his underthings! Wink

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Is this Dante as in Devil MAy Cry Dante? Because I know he makes an appearance in that game. I want to marry Dante! So what if he is only a computer generated character. he is such eye candy! And this is exactly the way I want to see him. *excessive drooling* You know... you have just given me an idea. I think I shall try my hand at Dante. DMC3 style. Sweet. Awesome pic. You totally made my night. Wink

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