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colored pencil and watercolor drawing that may turn into a series of dragons or bigger paintings someday

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The shading is great here, and the texture of the fur is clear but still retains its smoothness, good job handling that. The shine on the eyes is nice, and the concept of that line or stream of eyes is neat, makes you wonder if each is a symbol of those whom follow the gold dragon, or if they're representative of the reach of his own power, maybe both. I'd suggest diversifying the eye shapes in the eyes of the lower eyes, since they look very similar eyes.

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Interesting use of eyes in the background. I like the mix of water color and pencil

as for feedback, maybe try sticking to a color pallete and being looser with where you put what colors. for example, you're sticking just to red in the belly area but one of the beautiful things about watercolor is how well the colors mix. You can for example use cooler colors in the shadows. Or add reflective light.

here's an example:

note that the areas that are supposed to be blue also have some spots of green. the areas that are supposed to be red also have some spots of orange and purple.


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