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My finished first attempt at digital illustration, Masahiro and Muidemi. Masahiro nearly dies on the battlefield and requests Muidemi (masquerading as her male identity "Eidon") to come to him as a woman if he should live through his injury. Well, some time later and he is still bandaged but he does survive. So, as a "man" of her word, she comes to him dressed as a woman - in borrowed things. One thing leads to another and she finally admits she loves him as he proclaims to love her Wink blah blah blah, more story, lol, but here it is.

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It sounds like a beautiful story! The kiss looks very passionate. Drawing kisses is always hard so great job!

The Masahiro's pose looks very loose and passionate but Muidemi feels a bit stiff. Perhaps her head needs more tilt.

If you aren't doing so already, it might help to do gesture studies first to help keep the poses loose. Proko on youtube has some great free videos on gesture.

I hope this was helpful. Great job on this!


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There's a lot of emotion and sensuality here, and the story adds a great deal to the image.

Gorgeous work!

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