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Whew! After more than 6 months I've finally drawn something again! School has been taking away all my free time lately, and either I've had no time or I've used the extra time I have had to catch up on much needed sleep, haha.

This last quarter at school was particularly difficult for me with two science classes with labs that consumed all of my free time.  But now that its over and I'm on spring break, I have one week of FREE TIME!!! YAY! Whatever will I do with myself? Laughing

I've spent a couple of my free days drawing this picture of Rita Hayworth using this refrence I found using a google search:


This was done with pencil and white and black colored pencils in about 10-15 hrs.

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Yay you finally posted something! Glad you are back into it. Nice work on it. I think the eyes turned out really great.

roast alert!...
if you try working from a photograph like this again, try squinting at it and just try duplicating the shapes you see. Don't think about what your drawing (like ok now i'm drawing an eye, now i'm drawing the eye lashes). If you just draw the dark shapes you'll end up with something photo real. Hope that helps.


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