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Yay for Spring! It's finally here!  It took long enough. =x  It's been snowing where I live all through April.  Nasty.  But that's all gone now! =3

Lookie at the birdies!  They're so cute, aren't they!? I can't stop laughing...X3

Also,this picture is dedicated to Wendy  as a thank you for adding my logo to her website. ^^ Since I love her so. Heart

I hope everyone enjoys the picture!  Welcome to Spring time! W00t!

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(8) At the first shine of spring! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Love it! Gokus eyes are SO DAMN cute!

You don't fall in love,
love fall in you.

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So sweet. And what a thick fluffy tail Brolly has. Or is it Kakas?

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