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Completed: Jun 13, 2005

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a redone fanart Ive done in my early years of drawing, the old one is in my DA account some where

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I just love those wings!!! Heart :goku:


| Rank: Gargoyle | Points: 51

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OH!!!! O.O! I LOVE I LOVE!!<4 keep going!! Love this! Soo good!with every way!

You don't fall in love,
love fall in you.

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Very nice! Love the pose and the way the feathers fall off the wings

| Rank: Gargoyle | Points: 61

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Nice job! Like BogusRed and LadyAnime, I really like the wings. Smile

The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Yes


| Rank: Sage | Points: 821

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This is great. I love the wings on him. Great job.

Laughter is the best medicine and your face is curing the world.

| Rank: Dragoon | Points: 3756

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Wow this is one of your best drawings yet. You did such a good job on the wings.


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