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Completed: Apr 1, 2007

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I like to do artwork about love. Mostly it shows up in a cute or silly way and sometimes in the lusty variety (which seems to be really popular...). This time though, I wanted to do the poignant type of love, the type that sort of eats at you until you put it down on paper or pixels.

So much of Naruto is about loss, particularly Naruto himself. Isolated and barely tolerated for most of his life, I liked the idea of him having the tender touch of family if only for a brief moment. So, before he seals Kyuubi inside his son and dies in exchange, Yondaime sings Naruto a quiet lullaby.

While I think Yondaime would have given his life for his village without a second thought, I think he died for love, for the love for his son and the hope that Naruto despite how hard his life will be, will live on.

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I'm not a Naruto fan, but this is beautiful.

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Wow, that's really beautiful. Sooo sad, too. ):

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nice artwork

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Nicely done and very poignant. Not a fan of Naruto but I like this piece alot.

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nicely done on the candles. not too many people who do fan art put any attention into the background.


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Very nice coloring Yes I especially like how you did the hair ^_^

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Aw... I see so little art concerning Yondaime and Naruto, and I think this is really excellent. I love how you handled their hair, different but so alike, and really interestingly shaded.
The candles are great, nice detail having them progressively darker towards the bottom, as the lit wick would make that effect.
You did well with his torn/bloody clothing as well, and Kyuubi in the background is a good touch.
All in all, I love this!

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