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Completed: Apr 21, 2007

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Here lies Shippou
Fluffy and cute
From head to toe
Crafty he thought to be
Eight glowing eyes
A trick they did see
A lesson here is taught
Should you cheat
It's best not to be caught

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LOL this is awesome and hilarious XDD

Closed account :[

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wow, you're a good artist. unlike the rest of the fags in this site.

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hee this is clever Big Smile awesome line work Big Smile

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[This is absolutely brilliant in every way. :clap: :+fave:]

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Awesome! Well Shippou should know better though being who he is I doubt he could help himself. Perfectly portrayed too I might add. I love the pocky!

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This is wonderful!

A priceless play on the classic painting... and really delightful on its own. Their expressions are great, and the setting is perfectly done with that lighting you'd expect from that room.

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Wow this is cool! Very interesting idea, who would win? XD Favorite

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hiya lady. nice chatting with you the other day.

This drawing is awesome. very clever concept.


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Laughing Classic! I love it!

Hope they go easy on Shippo.

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I'd say 8 aces is a pretty obvious cheat as well XD

I do love this, a few small details look a bit off but nothing noticeable enough to really matter

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