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Galleries: Bleach Finished Work Romance


Completed: Jan 20, 2007

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Hey, guys. This obviously isn't my first work ever, but this is the first one I'm bringing over. These are all on my dA page, and I wanted to share them here as well.


This picture is Rukia and Renji from Bleach. I'm a huge fan of this pairing (being a sucker for romances between childhood friends and all), so I decided that put something up that showed that. The sketch for this is on my dA page (link's in my signature), but I'm not gonna post that here.

I'm really happy with how the lower half of Renji's kimono came out, and I absolutely love the motion in this pose. All things have flaws, but this is probably all in all my favorite piece in my gallery. I can say I'm quite proud of it.




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ichigo isn't gonna like this!!!!XD
Good work man

Its time for my strongest attack! FINALE!!!!!
(as my golden rifle glows, it takes form of an even greater rifle)

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You definitely managed to create motion in this piece. Good work on the lighting and the detail on the hair.

The one thing that looks strange to me is his elbow-point. I think with that wrinkly of cloth, it should be a more rounded slope at the joint area. ^_^

I really like the swords. Big Smile

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