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Tags: inuyasha, kagome, naraku, naraku/kagome, kagome/naraku


Completed: Jul 25, 2007

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Another piece I drew last year. I redid some of the line work, fixed 'er up a bit, and colored it :3 Still a lot of mistakes, but oh well!

This is a scene from a fic I wrote over a year ago. It's a post-final battle, modern era thing (God, there are a lot of these!) I was bored and lame enough to draw it! Yep... Basically, Kagome is chased down by a Stranger. She doesn't find out until the end of their encounter that it is, in fact, Naraku.

Naraku/Kagome = <33333

Naraku devolved into one big blob of hair  The poor man, subjected to my horrific rendering of him!

Naraku and Kagome (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Art (c) me

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