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Completed: Aug 1, 2007

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Agent Elrond

I am Macheval.
 I am the Saint of Dark Magicians.

 In the night sky I sit on a throne made of starlight, but mortals cannot see me.
 In the day I wait in the shadows behind the sun, but mortals cannot find me.
 The darkness in the hearts of mortals is my only kingdom: I cannot be found, but in the dark; I cannot be seen, but in the dark; I cannot be worshiped, but in the dark: The darkness between the minds of mortals is my only road.
 In the night sky my name is written in the shadows between the clouds and stars.
 In the day my name is hidden down twisting paths in the dark places under rocks.
 The magicians who work in shadow are my only subjects: I cannot be known, but in the dark; I cannot be free, but in the dark; I cannot be worshiped, but in the dark: The work of black wizards is my only legacy.
 In the night sky I sit on a throne made of starlight, but mortals will not see me.
 In the day I wait in the shadows behind the sun, but mortals will not find me.
 The slave in the day shall be king come night.
 In the dark, I am a god.

 I am the Saint of Dark Magicians.
 I am Macheval.


 Ah, Macheval. He's a nice lad, really. He likes kittens, and dogs, and reading poems by candle-light. And not the half-baked angsty poems either, we're talking quality rhyming here. This picture was mostly inspired by the work of an artist I greatly admire on deviantART (his username there is Wen-M) and his style looked like so much fun that I decided to redo one of my own characters. I imagine this is Macheval's, er, formal gear, and not the sort of thing you'll usually see him in.

 Oh, and that nice piece of drivel there was inspired by "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell", in case you were wondering.

 The dog is Macheval's only vassel, Bryfang. Bryfang must obey the orders of mortals during the day, but in the night we must answer to him.

 Niiice doggy?

 Pilot and Micron pens with Watercolors and white acrylic ink on 9"x11" Bristol board. This one I worked on on and off over the month of July in between vacations.

You can see his brother, Ratheal, here:
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  Macheval and Bryfang and related prose are © me, with apologies to Susanna Clarke.

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i love the concept - i´ve never heard of a saint for dark mages, but they surely need them! Smile stunning details on the clothes!

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Ooooh, that cloak of stars is gorgeous!

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That cloak is gorgeous. I love the wispy tangles and the glittering quality it has. I knew that had to be ink wash or watercolor when I saw it, it's got that lovely texture to it that's my absolute favorite.

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Wow, the detail in this is stunning Smile
Love the way the cloak looks like a piece of the night, & his armour is very intricate. Great job!

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The wolf looks plain awesome and I love what you did with the cape great work
Thumbs Up

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His cape looks great! I love that it takes up most of the painting. You did a wonderful job Smile

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yeah the cape is really neat. nice concept. the work on the armor is nice too.


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Absolutely loving the cloak ^^ And loving the writing that goes with it

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That was a neat little bit of writing, and I love that cloak! Darkness and stars... ^__^

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Ooh. This looks really neat. Bounce I'm lovin' that cape.

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