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Tags: antellonia, earth dragons


Completed: Jun 9, 2007

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Agent Elrond

The thumping had started early that morning, and continued, consistantly, until noon, when Tuanu cracked an eye open and growled, "Who dares wake the Dragon?"

"Stop being such a lump!" A sharp hissing voice replied from somewhere over Tuanu's right eye. "Don't you know what today is? Don'ta ya? Don't ya?"

A vague memory began trickling through Tuanu's brain, a memory of the last time she had been woken by the Arkengal.

"Oh no..." she said, letting out a grown like a roll of thunder.

"Yes!" shrieked the Arkengal. "Get up! Get up! It's Dragon Day! That means you have to get up! Your Arkengal demands it!"


This was a picture I did back in June for Dragon Day 2007. It features the Arkengal, a rather bizzare dragon-demon hybrid, and Tuanu, one of the Earth Dragon gods. You can't see all of Tuanu here, because she is so big, but I have done other paintings of her I hope to post soon. Both are from my original Fantasyland, Antellonia.

Now, time for links! You can read more about Dragon Day here, and see a picture of Tuanu's big brother here.

This one took about a week. It is done with Prismacolor pencils on 9"x12" drawing paper. All characters and related prose © myself.

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Ooh, very pretty. I love the details, especially in the water. =D

Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real. (Iris Murdoch)

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YAY for Dragon day!!

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