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The other Bleach pic I created for the Otakon 2007 art show which also sold.

Renji and his sexy tatoos. I think I made some good technical discoveries with this.

Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2

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Major drool over here! Any chance you could just pull the rest of that robe off Renji? Great Job!

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Beautiful, so beautiful in deed!

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Yay, Renji! He's so sexy. I love his tattoos! You did a great job, it's so realistic.

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that is very good and darn hot. Smile It's so detailed. I love how the light goes over him.

Art is the Weapon

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Ooo...I hadn't visited your DA gallery in a while & I didn't know you'd made the leap into CS2 & illustrator programs. Your style works wonderfully in this medium. Stunning! Favorite

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Really nice job. I adore the expression on his face and the tattoos came out really well. I love the ray of sunlight coming through the window shining on him too. I don't know how to explain, but it gives the picture something extra.

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Very awesome. It's easy to see why this one sold. I love the soft lighting.

And the abs. ^_^ Really great work.

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