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Tags: dragon, fantasy, magic, mage, fire, wizard, unicorn, rocks, flames, lava


Completed: Sep 23, 2001

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My third attempt at a dragon. Over all, I'm quite pleased how it came out. Colored digitally. Contest piece.

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Wow, your art is amazing!

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Amazingly done! The dragon especially is very well done with the layers and textures.
The fire is very awesome as well, it's very bright and hot looking with a nice style about the shape of the flames.

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*blink* Okay... you're officially disgusting. No one should be allowed to be this good. I'm resisting the urge to wipe soot off my face! Honestly!

| Rank: Bard | Points: 123

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now that´s amazing! the mage is really lucky that he is able to block that fire! Smile good job on the horse too! that picture is so vivid that i almost stepped back from the screen not to get involved! how long did you work on that?

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Very striking and dramic, I like the light and dark contrasts. I'd run too if I saw that behind me.

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That's amazing! Very well done in both composition and detail. The contrast of light and shadow is perfect, and I love the action. You can almost feel the heat. ^__^ Wish you luck in the contest!

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