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Behold the "long and sturdy piece o' spit"!!!

WHOO!!!!! This evil effing thing is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @___@

Hyne, I can't even tell you how much of a bitch this was to draw! I had to research kisses constantly--I could never find anything that helped! I suck at drawing kisses--they're evil.

But despite the fact that this bloody thing made me miserable for the past month (on and off) I am actually quite pleased with the way it came out.

Drawn for Kitty--the only person I will ever take a request from. >.< Damn her cuteness. She asked me to draw a pic of Xemnas and Saix like my Sora/Riku pic... and this was the result.... Mind you... I've never drawn these two before in my life... >.< *grumbles* Never again.
Kitty, you had better like this freaking thing. *waves fist*

Inked and drawn by hand.
Xem and Sai done in crayola colored pencil.
BG done in CS2.
Approx. 6-7 hrs. <--only because of the goddamn bloody kiss!!!!!

© Squeenix

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Love it! Absolutely love it! The long and sturdy piece of spit is a nice addition to the composition. <3 The handwriting is beautiful, and your coloring is neat and sharp. I really appreciate this piece.

Happy Holidays From:


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I love it~! I think they're such a cute couple, and you've really made them just so gorgeous and the details are so tight. I love Saix's jawline and the HAIR, and that chaotic background is fun too~


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