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Completed: Jul 20, 2005

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This is for BogusRed and all of the Cast Members of ZMT. If some of you remember, a few days ago we were told that some rat bastard stole ZMT content from the site and put it on their lame little site without permission. So, I was inspired to draw this little comic about how the ZMT characters might handle the situation should they encounter anyone who has plagiarized their material. Evil At first I only had the stick figures so that I could place everything and I was going to draw normal bodies with clothing. However, after I finished them it looked so funny the way it was I decided to leave the stick figures. Now anyone caught plagiarizing will have Nappa to deal with! haha! Drawn with pencil, colored with colored pencil, and inked with pen.

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rofl this is great! poor zarbon, everyone thinks hes gay^_^; Favorite

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Very nice I needed a good chuckle

Looks cool

very funny...poor Zarbon...hmmm

Talk soon

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This looks awesome! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! :lo: Great work hun. Those are the best stick figures I have ever seen. You sure do have a wonderful imagination. Please do more.

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haa haa this is funny!! I laughed right when I saw the stick up that poor guys ass... Laughing This is awesome Favorite


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OMG that was hilarious!!! ^^ great job!


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This is the most AWESOME comic in the world! And is definately worthy of a +fav! I can't wait for the rest of the cast to see this.

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Oh, this is hilarious! I laughed out loud so hard, my family came running to see what was going on, lol ^_^
And I do think the minimalistic style here totally works. This is awesome, EBS. Red is just gonna flip!!! Great work!!! Favorite !!!

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Oh EBS.....I laughed my head off! This is great, and I'm sure Red and the cast will be so appreciative! Favorite

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