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Completed: Jul 23, 2005

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I drew this for my friend, Kristen. It's a fairy from neopet. Though, that's not the colors she is and I made my own wings. ^_^

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COOL! SHE'S SO PURPLEY!lol, and you did an amaizing yob on the flower in her hair. ^.^

brunette: awe Sad look at the dead bird!

blonde: *looks up* i don't see it...


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Very cute! Love the expression and the colors ^_^

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This is my favorite fro yours yet!! Nice job girly!!! Favorite


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WOW TMD! I really love this one, i think it's my favorite of yur work...i love it all! Very good work, (applause) New fav!

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Oooo, she looks like a combination of Jhudora and Illusen. And the hair is beautiful! Smile

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Very smooth image. I like the pose and the characters expression,Very nonchalant. +fav

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