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Tags: skull, ballpoint pen, geisha


Completed: Feb 24, 2007

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Actually finished sometime in 2006 for my observational drawing class final. Done entirely with ballpoint pen.

You can also buy this as a print and see it in my DA gallery here:

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I love how you've paired beauty with horror in this; they contrast one another. Much the same as black and white contrast one another...hmmm, yummy food for thought Ponder

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That's some awesome details and still-life drawing right there. It's also very surreal with the skeletion reflection :O!

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Wow, this is done really well! Amazing for something done in ballpoint pen! i'm officially jealous! Tongue

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Wow! This is in PEN?! I can't stop looking at it. Big Smile

I really like the theme of this picture, too. And you executed it really well, I agree.

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Oh, wow! This is awesome! The theme is totally unexpected, but executed well, and the penwork is outright amazing *can barely get a pen to write for her* I have a friends who does pen, so I know secondhand how difficult and time-consuming it can be, and frankly, you're a god in my eye. ^___^

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