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Tags: youkai yume, ruki


Completed: Jul 7, 2007

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Digimon Tamers fanart. Done with copic markers.

Can also be seen on my DA gallery: http://youkaiyume.deviantart.com

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I dig the clear bright colors, and the hair and fur shading.

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this brings back memories glob I think I even liked this show more than Pokémon at one time. the colouring is gorgeous, you blend them so well.

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Hell yeah! Digimon! I was so obsessed with this show when I was little. Nothing beats the first season XD But the third was cool to. anyway awesome job with this I love the composition and you've colored it really nicely ^_^

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Wow, I remember this from like...a while ago .___. Still saved on my computer. Anyway! I loooove the colors! The characters are all so colorful, so it makes it even better overall. Go Digimon >3>!

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