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Completed: Nov 22, 2007

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1st time trying portraits so, sorry if he doesn't look exactly like Aragorn. >_<

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He's gorgeous in a dark and moody way!

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I have that same poster on the wall in front of me! Great job; I wouldn't be able to manage that much detail if I were the one drawing him! ^.^

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Holy crap!

This is awesome work! Your handle of shading is very, very good, and your eye for composition is just as wonderful. I'm in love with that shiny sword handle. ^__^

If I was going to pick at anything, it would only be that I would have made his face lighter. Skin tones would naturally be lighter than much of what he's wearing, and it would help bring it into focus, especially with that white background. Then again, the way it is now makes it look dark and gritty, so it still works. xD Just really awesome, the whole thing. ^___^

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beautiful work! Smile

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