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Tags: inuyasha, fanart, kagome, shippo, youkai yume


Completed: May 19, 2007

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Inuyasha fanart. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo having a little leapin' fun.

This can also be seen on my DA gallery:

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I love it! They all look so happy!

| Rank: Gnome | Points: 10

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I love it! They all look so happy!

| Rank: Gnome | Points: 10

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I love the choice of colors you used for the shading, it gives the picture a really nice tone. =3

| Rank: Pawn | Points: 2

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Wow, I like everything about it! The colors, the expressions, the pose...Pure awesomeness.

| Rank: Gnome | Points: 7

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I loved this at DA and now I can love it even more here!!

| Rank: Sprite | Points: 90

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nice Thumbs Up

i like the cooler colours, it seems to Kagome a little less typical anime girla dn it makes Inuyasha seem more mature.

although i think inuyasha should drop shippo, i hate that little fox bastard

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And Solitude is my guide.

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I like the fluid poses and the cool color palette.


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