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I beg you, please look at it in full view! Otherwise you will never see all the work I made me with this.

This picture took from the sketch to the finish, 2 weeks.
This is my mothers Christmas present from me ^_^
Since she has not Internet I am on the safe side here to upload it ^_-  She is even longer a fan of Tolkien and the Silmarillion, especially Feanor and his sons, as my sorry self

My mother turned 60 this year^^

She wished a picture from me of a not already changed Feanor...who knows the Silmarillion and his story at least a little, should know what she did mean.

Him before he went practically mad because Melkor stole his 3 Gemstones and killed his father.

I had actually a hard time to think of something that would a, fit her wish, and b, would give him justice. It wasn´t simple...
He is an enigmatic character and a unreachable smith. I hope I reached my wish to get him in the right light in this and did not mess too much with him

The coloring took the longest on this, in some places I worked in pixel range and I used 3 different programs for this, PS7, Photo impact, and Artweaver.
Please give me feedback here, I really would love to know how you find it or if I made errors I have not seen before.
Thank you kindly.

Tolkien and his works do not belong to me nor did a made this picture for money purposes. This is fan work and nothing more!
However, this picture belongs to Me!

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