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Edit: I pumped up the colors a little with a gradient and a photo filter Thumbs Up

There's not much blood in this and the severed hand is hard to see. So I'm sure it's safe enough for PD. Anyway I love how this came out especially the lighting. This is for the Angels & demons contest at DA he's going for the demons side Bounce wish me luck ^_^

--Contest details--

Name: Hart Christophe

Powers: He's the devils' messenger and does all the dirty work for Lucifer on earth. So he's got a few powers. He can call on soldier demons to help him out if he's in a pinch. If he dies he goes straight to Hell and Lucifer brings him right back to life to make sure he does his job so he's basically immortal.

Weapons: He uses two weapons, a sawed off shot gun that talks to him in his brothers voice (yup that's right XD) and an ax that has his severed right hand tied to it (he has an artificial right hand btw)

other characteristics: He's got belts clipped around his stomach cause he has no skin around his belly and the belts keep all his intestines from falling out.

Fighting style: He's to the point and doesn't like to jump and dance around. If he wants you dead then he won't talk about it he'll just do it. He uses his ax mostly unless he absolutely needs to use his shotgun. And he likes to chop limbs off for some reason.

History: Hart sold his soul to the devil after accidentally shooting his brother with a shotgun and killing him. The devil told him if he became his servant he'd let Hart talk to his brother again. Hart agreed but little did he know the devil stuck his brother's voice in the shotgun he was killed with instead of bringing him back to life. So now he can talk to his brother all he wants but he's not actually alive and  he lives his life killing and hunting down people following the orders of Lucifer.

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i really like this i love the way you have put him with the ground craking underneath him also your compostion. i really wish you the best and do amazing in the contest. i really do.
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I love your perspective here. Also great composition - that background looks like it may have taken some time.

Beautiful job, Jill!

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I really like this. I love the way you have the ground splitting open in front of him and that little wisp of blue coming from his eye. Smile

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Its never a disappointment when you decide to use your talents.

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I succumb to your might.

The greatest story ever written.




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I LOVE the idea of this character. The drawing's well-done, too. :3 Good luck in the contest.

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Oooh cool o3o

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Nice coloring!! I fav it!!

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Wow Jill. This is one of your best coloring jobs. Nicely done! Good luck in the contest.


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I really love the angle you drew him on and the texture is great.

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