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folder icon OC's Original Characters of mine. 
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Tags: fight, men, vampires, male, vampire, jason, boys, brothers, ari, rivals


Completed: Aug 19, 2008

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Boys from an old vamp RP. Tons of fun. Left to right:
Taliesin, Orion, Beowulf, Aramis, and Jason (e-cookies if you catch the theme of their names).

Only half are mine (Ori, Ari and Jase), the other two are my bud's. I love(d) our boys together, poking at each other, egging them on, brawling, the usual.

characters (c) their respective owners

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The posturing of the characters definitely
gets across what you said in the comments.

Question - what did you use to get the colors?

 Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

  - Oscar Wilde

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Nicely detailed... and I love the Old legendary "Heroes" names.

I presume Jason is based on "Jason and the Argonauts"? Since that's the only Jason I can think of for an epic legend.


"The Fablespinner"
Is a screenname that stuck... and bloody annoying to type... Calling me "D" is just FINE.

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