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folder icon Black Tears Russian mafiya group created by Marourin on Y!gallery. 
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Galleries: Finished Work General Male/Male - Shounen-Ai Original Art

Tags: men, male, drunk, flirting, males, buds, hanging out, italian, russian, mafia, mafiya, friends


Completed: Aug 31, 2008

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More Russian mafiya boys. Well, technically on the one on the right is in the mafiya and Russian. The one on the left (mine) is Italian and in the mafia. ;P Little details. Gianni and Petya respectively and quite a fun pair to RP and stuff. Petya always gets Gianni to turn about 12 different shades of red at any given time.

Petya Volkov (c) Megummichan

Gianni Valentino (c) me 

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I am loving that blush. Big Smile

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Love it. :] I like the colouring a lot! And Petya looks good enough to eat, kekeke.


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