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Tags: woman, man, rogue, couple, oc, costumes, original characters, capture, rp, honey, bandit


Completed: Sep 24, 2008

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Finished commission done for my bud, Lady-Silvercat. From an RP we did a while ago based on the poem, the Highwayman.  Ours was set in the pre-Revolutionary War American colonies and then during said war, hence the 18th century costumes. First time drawing a horse since about 5th so be gentle.

Randolph Kinsey (c) R. Collins

Honey Hainesworth Locke (c) me

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THANK you for this--one of my most FAVORITE piece in literature. Smile Smile Smile

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/I love her dress ^^ Lovely commission! Big Smile

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Nice work. She really looks ticked off, and he looks like he is just staring at her boobs. Smile Thanks for sharing this with us.

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